“Refugees from the Former Yugoslavia”

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Thomas J. FlemingThe six foreigners who planned a mass-murder at Fort Dix were originally described (by the FBI apparently) as being from the Former Yugoslavia. My initial question was Bosnian Muslim or Albanians? If the men had been Serbs, the term would have to have been “Serb terrorists.” As the story is being reported now, none is in fact from Yugoslavia. Of the six “Islamic militants” (one cannot say Muslim terrorists), one is from our ally Jordan, a second from our ally Turkey, and the other four are from Albania. The only way to reconcile the two versions is to assume that the four Albanians spent time in Kosovo.

If more details had been released in the beginning, we should have known the terrorists are Albanian. What other Muslims would go to the the Poconos to train—why not Tel Aviv? Who else could think that paintball games were sufficient combat training to take on a US Army post. Who else would take their training photos to a fast photo finishing place to be developed? I am reminded of the Albanian spy who came to America during the Cold War. Knowing nothing about the US and understanding little English, he went around asking suspicious questions about how to meet influential politicians.

More recently, there was the Albanian thief who robbed a series of upscale jewelry stores. When he was finally caught and questioned, he explained he was raising money for the Albanian lobby. What Albanian lobby? Ask Bob Dole. Ask Tom Lantos. Ask all the other members of Congress on both sides of the aisle who have been taking Albanian money and covering for the Kosovo Albanian terrorists whose principal fund-raising activities include trafficking in heroin trade and white women slaves: In Europe they are the major players in both businesses.

The strangest part of all this is that the bribe-takers have done their job well. Non-Albanians have been murdered and driven out of Kosovo, Orthodox churches by the score have been dynamited, and the Bush administration is committed to giving the terrorists their independence. They will immediately finish their job—the genocide of Christian Serbs—and, even better from our point of view—they will establish a Muslim terrorist state in the heart of Europe. This is what it means to have the best Congress that foreigners can buy.

Misguided Americans generously took in Bosnian Muslim and Albanian Muslim refugees. The Albanians, significantly, were given hospitality in Fort Dix. Then why would Albanian Muslims go out of their way to antagonize their benefactors? Because, in addition to being thieves, rapists, drug-racketeers, kidnappers, extortionists, and homicidal maniacs, they are the dumbest people in Europe.

Will this “incident” have the slightest impact on the negotiations over the status of Kosovo? I doubt it. Why? Because Americans are dumber than the dumbest people in Europe.

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