The Mouse That Roars

Jonah GoldbergOver at NRO, house ideologist Jonah Goldberg is very angry with bloggers Ross Douthat and Reihan Salam for taking an interest in the American middle class. So he unleashed the harshest criticism he could think of, commenting on their “Strange New Respect for Buchananism” and stating that Sam Francis’s “Middle American Radicalism is getting a fresh coat of paint,” throwing in a hint that Sam Francis is now in Hell.

Leave aside the fact that it unseemly, to say the least, for a confused agnostic like Goldberg to engage in such speculation about Sam, who had more decency and class (not to mention intelligence and talent) than Goldberg ever will. Is there anyone who really thinks that “Buchananism” and “Middle American Radicalism” would have been worse than the six-year reign of the man whom Steve Sailer has memorably termed “Chauncey Gardiner with a mean streak”? Why should anyone pay any attention to those, like Goldberg, who have spent the Bush years serving as apologists for (to quote Sailer again) “the twisted mediocrity” at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue?

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