The Way We Are, No. 10

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According to the Constitution, Congress must declare war. However, the President is authorized to initiate an Overseas Contingency Operation whenever he chooses.

It is said that a man is just as good as his word. That tells us everything we need to know about our politicians.

An establishment “conservative” complains that Obama is “the first president without instinctive appreciation of the culture, history, tradition, common law and literature whence America sprang.” I beg to differ. George W. Bush was the first such president. (It is true that Obama may not like American heritage and may disdain it in his public rhetoric, but he could not possibly be as ignorant of it as Shrub.)

Republicans and “conservatives” always go for cheap shots like this. That has been their nature since Lincoln.

Contrary to Marx, socialism is not the highest point of history but the oldest and lowest.

It has been rumoured that Nancy Pelosi fell off her broomstick while en route to Washington from San Francisco.

What does it mean that one of America’s most original contributions to culture is advertising? (Advertising is a matter of pop culture, not of economics.)

There is a new book about Henry Ford’s attempt to create an industrial colony in Brazil during the 1920’s, which failed despite vast infusions of capital and technical expertise. Interestingly, the Confederate exiles who went to Brazil in the 1860’s created a prosperous community which flourishes to this day.

This running account of our American failings concludes with one question, to be answered later. Who will be the next phony “conservative” to be nominated by the Republican Party in 2012 and how long will it take our “conservatives” to be suckered in again?

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