The Way We Are, No. 9

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Have we no shame? (No.) —Fred Reed

Stimulus: $250 each for Social Security recipients; $250,000,000(?) each for bankers and stock speculators. Sounds like business as usual.

With affirmative action and bailouts, the U.S. government has almost succeeded in severing the link between performance and reward.

Honest Abe. Fair and Balanced. Compassionate Conservatism. Notice a pattern here?

It becomes more evident every day that the cancer of California must be cut out if the American body is to survive.

Those who think the Republican Party can be reformed into a real opposition party should be watching the sky for winged pork.

America has been blessed with great conservative leaders like Allan Bloom, Dan Quayle, Bill Bennett, and the Rev. Moon.

It surely must be a sad thing to be a World War II or Korean War veteran and realise that the country you sacrificed for no longer exists but has been replaced by something much inferior. Even worse to spend your final days in a Veterans Administration hospital with a Hindu doctor.

Last year 1,046,539 aliens were granted citizenship. And you think your one vote is important.

I am so old I can remember when boys actually looked for work to do to earn pocket money.

Liberals. We are supposed to think that people arrive at being Liberals because of intellectual examination of what is best for the commonwealth and out of a passion for justice. Believe me, having spent the better part of a long life around academic leftists: There is not a word of truth in this. Liberalism is energised by greed and sustained by the same stupid and timid social conformity that looks down on you if you wear white socks at a formal dinner.

Liberal: Someone who believes that working class women have just as much right to be killed in imperial wars as working class men.

Liberal: Someone who believes that the life of a killer is more valuable than that of a victim, who is, after all, already dead.

Liberal: Someone who believes that working class children should enjoy the benefits of multicultural schools, while their own general have special needs that require private schools.

The American ruling class has less competence and courage than any ruling class that ever aspired to imperial rule.

But capitalist society, which naturally does not know the meaning of honour, cannot know the meaning of disgrace. . . . —G.K. Chesterton

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