The Way We Are Now and Where We Are Going

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“Nothing doth more hurt a state than that cunning men pass for wise.”  —Francis Bacon

I finally figured out why so many people admire Obama and his family.  They remind TV watchers of the Heathcliffe Huxtables.

I have been practicing “Kumbaya” lately.  I want to be ready for Real Change.

Of course, Obama owes a lot to his campaign manager, the brilliant Karl Rove.

The current crop of World War II revisionists seem to be saying that British arrogance and blundering caused the disaster of World War II.  All Hitler really wanted was to prevent vicious sneak attacks by Denmark and Luxembourg and save Poland from Communism.  Luckily, Switzerland was afraid to attack him.

It seems Mr. Paulson is now in charge of the U.S.A.  I don’t seem to remember voting in that election.  Do you?

Interesting that in a “democracy” the rich can get a tax deduction on the interest paid on a second vacation home but the poor can’t even get a deduction for a car necessary to get to work.

According to Obama, his election proves that “the dream of OUR Founders is still alive in our time.”  (Emphasis added)

From little ACORNs, mighty oaks often grow.  (Emphasis added)

American: Any person who claims to believe in “democracy” and is eager to make a buck; especially any foreigner who claims to believe in “democracy” and wants to make a buck.

One possible lesson from the current financial debacle: You can’t have a First World economy with a Third World population.

History’s verdict on the Bush administration: arrogant incompetence; failed state.

There is agitation that Obama is not a native-born American citizen and his taking office will be in violation of the Constitution.  Don’t be silly. What makes you think the Supreme Court and Congress care about the Constitution?

My once noble native State, which not long ago elected Sam Ervin and Jesse Helms, has gone for Obama.  This is mostly the result of mass immigration.  Not from south of the Rio del Norte—from north of the Potomac.

“And now the U.S., like Britain before it, has begun the long slow descent into the Third World.  How sad.  Where now is our last best hope on earth?”  —Peter Hitchens

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