The Way We Are Now—Coming to a Bad End?

The Way We Are Now—Coming to a Bad End? by • September 26, 2008 • Printer-friendly

It looks like the economy is in for hard times and that we plain folks are facing a decline in our standard of living.  But you can  be sure that the politicians and financiers who got rich creating the disaster won’t have to cut back much.  Some of the junior brokers may fall off the gravy train, but the big boys won’t hurt.  Neither will politicians, federal employees, and affirmative-action beneficiaries. It will be mostly working people who sacrifice for “our” country.

But it does appear that popular protest has slowed down the “bailout,” as it did the illegal immigrant amnesty.  It is almost enough to make you think “American democracy” actually works.  But, of course, the expedients of the Hamiltonians in siphoning wealth from the people are inexhaustible.

A people  whose most revered  monument  is to a corporate lawyer and politician  in an armchair—i.e., a saint of greed and chicanery—are almost certain  to come to a bad end.

The purpose of education was long thought to be transmitting religion and culture and training young men for leadership.  It all started down hill around the turn of the 20th century when the U.S. education system was taken over by people with the delusion that they could control us and   make the world better through their superior wisdom.

All things considered, I would rather not be a member of an “indispensable nation.”

By “indispensable nation” they seem to mean the American kleptocracy being steadily invaded by a Third World population.  Apparently we are indispensable because our leaders have delusions of omnipotence and are armed with nuclear weapons.

A people who think “diversity” is more important than continuity and stability are almost certain to come to a bad end.

I’ll be glad when the elections are over and the stock market settles down.  Then we can get back to really important things like basketball.

At first American leaders were selected for distinction recognised by the people.  Then they were selected by political managers for their appeal to the people.  Now they are selected by marketing experts skilled in gulling consumers.

Cloud with the silver lining.  They say with the slower economy only half a million illegals settled in the U.S. last year, a record for recent history.

Another, even bigger, bailout.  Ain’t capitalism a wonderful system!

A people who lost their republic to a plutocracy a century and a half ago and still haven’t figured it out are likely to come to a bad end.

Early Americans faced the task of building a new society out of a wilderness for themselves and their posterity.  The challenge for later Americans is to find some way to survive among “the wretched refuse of the earth” and their posterity.

Repeat after me: The Bush family and the neocons were brought to national power by RONALD REAGAN.  Keep repeating every day until you are a fully recovered Republican.

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