Victims of American Medical Research

In the 1940’s, Americans experimented on the inmates of Guatemalan jails and medical hospitals by infecting them with syphilis.  Similar experiments were performed on black Americans.  While I fully agree with the horror and disgust expressed by  liberal politicians, journalists, and “bioethicists” like Arthur Caplan at such atrocities and would like to believe that they will never happen again, those same pundits and politicians–Caplan in particular at MSNBC–are the very people arguing for aggressive  fetal stem cell research.  These people are willing to grow fetus and harvest cells from innocent babies  but they actually see something wrong in doing research on sexually transmitted diseases.  I would wonder how creatures like Arthur Caplan  sleep at night, but men and women without a conscience have no trouble nodding off.  Indeed, it is hard to attribute to them a genuine conscious life.

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