What Is History? Part 27

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There are two kinds of people in this world: those who give to other people and those who spend all their lives taking, or planning to take.  Either by bulling around on one end of the economic scale or whining on the other.  —Ferrol Sams

I’ve learned that when all is said and done, more is usually said than done.  —Sams

I’m from Georgia and have the advantage of loving two flags.  All my life I was raised to fight for what those two flags represent. . . .  —Sams

It is quite possible to write a history in which the facts presented are accurate but the story told is false.  It happens all the time.  —Clyde Wilson

Few things are more unrewarding than being right too soon.  —Clyde Wilson

The people, as a class, are never properly prepared for the discussion of principles in the abstract, and conscious of this fact, the ambitious are ever on the watch, seizing on popular prejudices . . .  —William Gilmore Simms

Hell is truth seen too late.  —Thomas Hobbes

The flag is still, the wind is calm.
Turmoil is in the heart of man.
Buddhist maxim

No good deed ever goes unpunished.  —Proverbial

The government will set out a moderate aristocracy: it is at present impossible to see whether it will, in its operation, produce a monarchy, or a corrupt, tyrannical aristocracy; it will probably vibrate some years between the two, and then terminate in one or the other.  —George Mason of Virginia on refusing to approve the proposed U.S. Constitution

The opposite of love is not hate, but power.  —Andrew Lytle

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