What Is History? Part 28

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Even the dullest consumer has got the point that no matter how he casts his vote for president or for Congress, his interests will never be represented because the oligarchy serves only itself. . . . They are happier with the way things are, with half the electorate permanently turned off and the other half mildly diverted by presidential elections in which, despite a semblance of activity, there is no serious choice. —Gore Vidal

When the American public walks, its knuckles graze the ground. —attributed to a Hollywood mogul

The destiny of Europe and Asia has not been committed, under God, to the keeping of the United States; and only conceit, dreams of grandeur, vain imaginings, lust for power, or a desire to escape from our domestic perils and obligations could possibly make us suppose that Providence has appointed us his chosen people for the pacification of the earth. —Charles A. Beard

A king that is soft as silk and effeminate . . . and what with the wily tyranny of them that ever rule him, shall be much more grievous unto the realm than a right tyrant. —William Tyndale

Heads and governors are ordained of God and are even the gift of God, whether they be good or bad. And whatsoever is done unto us by them, that doest God, be it good or bad. If they be evil why are they evil? Verily for our wickedness sake they are evil. —Tyndale

That light which is called history is pitiless. . . . —Victor Hugo

There is nothing like being powerful and feared . . . to cause enemies with malicious intentions . . . to spring up on every side. —A. Perez-Reverte

The people who are anxious to assert their constitutional right to bear arms ought to do it openly. The revolutionary fathers, who put this into the bill of rights, did not go around with little pistols concealed in their hip pockets. They carried their muskets or rifles over their shoulders like men. —Tombstone AZ newspaper editorial, 1881

War is fought by human beings. —Hemingway

To be steeped in Belloc, is to cease to be a pompous ass. —Cardinal Newman (with thanks to Robert)

You cannot judge the importance of things by the noise they make. —“Mr. Chips”

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