Please allow me to comment on your column in the Cultural Revolutions section of the January 1986 issue wherein someone states: “During the 60’s and 70′ s, while other universities were committing academic suicide by eliminating all merely ‘academic’ requirements, Fordham held firm.”

My dear sir, if Fordham held firm, then Idi Amin is a disciple of Mother Teresa. As a student at Fordham between 1965 to 1969, I can attest to the fact, more out of disgust and bitterness than sadness, that that once noble Jesuit institution became, with unimaginable ease, a nesting place for New Left activists and that it was for all practical purposes run by the SDS.

The president of the university at that time, one Leo McLaughlin, was a black-robed jellyfish more interested in importing the likes of Marshall McLuhan, Margaret Mead, Ivan Illych, et al., than in “holding firm.” If I am not mistaken, the good reverend has long since left the order and has married a former nun. Perhaps he, too, writes for Screw magazine. I would not be surprised. The only thing that does surprise me is that anyone could write that “Fordham held firm.” To what?

        —Thomas R. Nassisi
Grand View, NY