It is with sadness that I must inform you that I will not be renewing my subscription . . . the next time around.

I was severely disappointed in the Thomas Fleming article “X2K: aut Christus aut nihil,” in the December 1999 issue. This is the second major disappointment I have experienced in an article by Thomas Fleming, in the last several years.

If Christianity will not allow for the maintenance of the historical, racial, demographic makeup of the American nation, then, as Mr. Fleming notes, I will choose, what he refers to as, the “racialist” position.

However, I do not believe that Christianity demands one give up the ethnic/racial makeup of ones [sic] nation. And, I am, therefore, very disappointed in Mr. Fleming’s attitude on this subject.

For a number of years, Chronicles has been my favorite periodical. And, it will be missed.

        —Kenneth P. Stoeckmann, Jr.
Murrieta, CA

Why is Tom Fleming using his Perspective essays (December 1999 and January 2000) to attack racialist straw men?After earlier castigating paleolibertarians, has he turned his sights on those who are willing to look at racial issues openly? While it may be true that some racialists think that race is “the whole ball of wax,” and others may “watch reruns of Conan the Barbarian,” is this a fair categorization? The topic is too important to be dismissed so summarily. Perhaps Tom Fleming could show his good intent if he were to review Michael Levin’s book, Why Race Matters?

        —Fred Birnbaum
Charlotte, NC

Several years ago you demanded that the University of Colorado at Boulder should [sic] fire Martha Nussbaum for having prostituted her position in changing a specific text of Plato so that it would not criticize sodomy. I think that you yourself have prostituted your position as editor of Chronicles for publishing Bolshevik/Zionist/Polish lies that the Germans gassed Jews in gaschambers, whether or not you yourself are the pseudonym, “Humpty [sic] Dumpty.” Both [sic] Fred Leuschter’s samples from the “gaschambers” of Majdenik, Treblinka, and Auschwitz only contained minute traces of potassium cyanide. The Jew [sic] head of the Auschwitz museum and the Polish government subsequently did their own analyses of the “gaschamber”—you like quotation marks—at Auschwitz and came up with the same conclusions: only minute traces of potassium cyanide. If the Germans had gassed 2 million Jews in this “gaschamber,” there should have been great quantities of potassium cyanide to the point of covering the walls with “prussian [sic] blue,” according to German Rudolf. The obvious conclusion is that the Germans did not gas 2 million Jews at Auschwitz. Subsequently, investigators in Moscow located several volumes of the German “books of the dead” that listed some 79,000 dead inmates and their reason for dying: Most died of Typhoid [sic] fever, although some were executed. Should not these “books of the dead” have listed millions of Jews having died in the “gaschamber?”

Although Communists and Jews want to continue the myth of the “six million” for political reasons namely to blame the political right, it disturbs me to find intellectuals on the right, such as yourself, Mr. Fleming, for [sic] continuing this myth in the service of various Slavic nationalisms, now Serb, now Czech, now Polish. When your political associations consist of anti-Germans: Dr. Trifkovic, Sir Alfred Sherman, Dr. Stenton, you can only lend yourself to anti-German propaganda. (I have no doubt but that one of the British institutions that you teach in your summer program of America’s British political institutions include [sic] British anti-German propaganda.)

Several years ago, Mr. Fleming, you related to your readers the story about the Serb hospital for the insane where journalists said that the Serb doctors had abandoned their Muslim patients to the ravages of war. But that one investigator was brave enough to investigate this story himself, finding that in fact the Serb doctors had braved the frontlines of war and remained to care for their patients, including Muslims. Your sententium [sic] was that Western journalists, when the truth is not to their political liking, will print the myth. Unfortunately, Mr. Fleming, you too are one Western journalist who when faced with the truth that is not to your Political [sic] liking, i.e. politically incorrect, you too will print the myth. David Irving, no doubt a favorite historian of yours, has said that anyone who maintains the myth of German “gaschambers” is “incorrigible.” Isn’t incorrigibility another one of your “infantile disorders?”

I want to say too that by Propagating I [sic] the Polish/Bolshevik/Zionist lie of the German gaschambers, you are promoting the present German government which you and your political associates hate so much. This German government penalizes Germans and other nationalities who discount this lie, putting such people like [sic] Frank Toben, an Austalian [sic] into prison, and seeking the extradition of the above mentioned Germar Rudolf from England. Thomas Fleming, you are helping your friends at the ADL and the German regime to quash freedom of speech and nation state. Perhaps it would be ironic if the truth about Germany’s treatment of Jews and other people, and the truth about the Nuremberg trials and Eisenhower’s fulfilling of the “Morgenthau Plan” would propel the German Republicans to political power and severely destabilize this German regime and its plans to rule Europe. Perhaps if Chronicles promoted the truth rather than the chains of the left that shackle the minds of Germans, anti-Germans would be sending the train to Berlin carrying the virus of its destruction, just as the Germans sent the train carrying Lenin to St. Petersburg.

Oh I wanted to tell you too that in your forward to Dr. Trifkovic’s book, you forgot to put quotation marks around Croatian Atrocities [sic] the way you put them around Polish atrocities. All things being equal.

        —Luke Eckrich
Cloverdale, IN