For many years, I have subscribed to and enjoyed your excellent magazine.  I always immensely enjoy the writing of Thomas Fleming, Roger McGrath, and George McCartney.  Dr. Fleming’s January Perspective, “Two Oinks for Democracy,” was superb.  Dr. McGrath’s “The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly” (Vital Signs) was likewise superb, as was Dr. McCartney’s review of the films Borat and Babel (“Cross-Cultural Follies,” In the Dark).  Always, as expected, these three never fail to knock out the very best in writing skills and wordsmithery.

I subscribe to several other publications but never fail to pick up and read Chronicles first, pushing aside such magazines as National Review to reach for my favorite.

Thank you for constantly putting out such a fine magazine every month.

        —Ralph Walker-Willis
San Jacinto, CA

After seeing your December issue, “Christendom Under Siege,” I can only say how refreshing it is to read a publication in the Old Right tradition that discusses the collapse of our cultural and moral values instead of cheerleading for the next misguided, imperialistic war and rationalizing the impoverishment of this great nation and the reverse wealth transfer from the middle class to the rich, perpetrated by our corrupt “leaders” through the twin frauds of “free trade” and open borders.

What a blessing to read articles such as Dr. Thomas Fleming’s “Jihad’s Fifth Column” (Perspective), which sadly notes the missed opportunities to deal with the Ottoman Muslim onslaught, thanks to foolish bickering within Christendom and the selfishness and shortsighted pettiness of many monarchs and other leaders.

Every article by Dr. Srdja Trifkovic on Eastern Europe, the Balkans, and the worldwide Islamic resurgence should be required reading at our misguided and incompetent White House, State Department, and CIA—who seem hell-bent on their mission to revive the Cold War and who are incapable of distinguishing Putin from Stalin.

        —Diogenes P. Kekatos
Forest Hills, NY