Having served as a pastor and naval chaplain under the authority of the United Methodist Church, I can truly appreciate Robert Nisbet’s comments concerning “Christian millennialism” (December 1988). Methodism and the National Council of Churches have stuffed that concept into the ears of their adherents at every opportunity.

I wish Mr. Nisbet had commented on the propaganda of the leftists in their exploitation of this “moralism,” because the technique they employ is “moral blackmail.” They look for violations of a target group’s moral code, a violation that allows a behavior that impedes the advance of Marxism, and, while pointing the accusing finger, loudly cry “shame!”

This “moralism” has our chaplains going into combat without the means of self-defense, which is giving governmental endorsement of the pacifistic view as being morally right. Our hospital ships are caught’ in the same dilemma—should they be plainly marked, without defense, at the mercy of the enemy? When the moralists begin to dictate who shall give up his right to self-defense, these same moralists will also demand the nation give up its right of self-defense.

        —Ernest S. Lemieux
Tampa, FL