The January “Cultural Revolutions” by Michael Washburn regarding the financial struggles facing organizers of the California Civil Rights Initiative, which would eliminate government-mandated affirmative action, shows the difficulty facing grass-roots organizations. Since its inception, this initiative has been attacked by liberals who want to hang onto the affirmative action status quo and paint their opponents and American society as “racist.” I witnessed a scenario at California State University, Northridge, where a CCRI supporter debated liberal California Senator Diane Watson. Watson claimed reverse discrimination does not exist, and that if the backers of the initiative really had public support, they would be able to raise more money.

Her apparent ignorance of “race norming” and other government schemes to hire based on quotas is typical of liberals (in both the Democratic and Republican parties) who fear the imminent collapse of affirmative action mandates. The claim that only financial support implies public support shows the narrow focus of entrenched politicos.

        —Caroline Miranda
North Hollywood, CA