A Double Standard for Santos

George Santos, the newly elected New York congressman, whom the neoconservative New York Post has mocked as “liar Rep.-elect,” came clean yesterday about his “embellished résumé.” No, Rep. Santos is not Jewish, but Catholic, but because his maternal grandmother may have been a Ukrainian Jew, he decided to borrow that identity (why not, since it helped him run in New York?). This Ukrainian association and Santos’s reference to his family’s brush with the Holocaust could not but help his candidacy, given the constituents of New York’s 3rd congressional district.

If Santos did describe himself to the slightly left-leaning Jewish Forward as a “proud American Jew,” what’s wrong with a little embellishment? Our esteemed president, whom critics of Santos in the national press treat with touching indulgence, has attributed to himself, among other identities, Jewish and Puerto Rican ones, fictitious claims that have not gotten Joe into trouble with the mainstream media—and probably never will. Santos also claimed to have worked at Goldman Sachs, which is also not true, but (what the heck?) George is interested in making money, just like Joe. If the New York Post accuses Santos of “fabricating key details” in his vita, what should we say about our Democratic president’s whoppers, which he’s been inflicting on the public for generations?  

Many properly indignant Republicans, as NBC News explains, are chiding Santos for his behavior, thereby playing into the calls from Democratic leaders for Santos to resign, a result that would reduce the Republicans’ already razor-thin majority in the House. These paragons of integrity have been joined by Tucker Carlson’s occasional stand-in, Tulsi Gabbard, who vented her moral fury on Santos for his padded résumé. Having interviewed Santos, Gabbard is still steaming over his “blatant lies.” After all, Republicans shouldn’t allow a New York politician who has falsified his credentials to sit in the same august body with Eric Swalwell, Adam Schiff, Maxine Waters, Ilhan Omar, and other saintly Democratic speakers of truth. Republicans, it seems, are the only ones who must fall on their swords at the first sign of impropriety in their ranks. Otherwise, they won’t have the chance to share with Democrats what Bret Baier and his colleagues on Fox News have been lately peddling as “common ground.” In other words, Republicans should make themselves worthy of dialoguing with the other party, which may think less of them if they allow a scoundrel like Santos to take his seat.

It seems the only politician who is questioning this reasonable indignation is (boo!) that ultimate redneck Marjorie Taylor Greene. Rep. Greene (R-Ga.), who is always spitting into the bipartisan soup, has noticed that there is a double standard involved here and has even scolded Gabbard for validating it. Greene may have noticed that the Democrats and their fawning media buds lie and cheat constantly but demand angelic virtue from the other party. Whether the Democrats are cooperating with the electronic media and the FBI to shut down the First Amendment rights of their opposition, lying for years about Donald Trump’s “collusion with Russia,” hiding their support for the riots during the “Summer of Love” that they incited and subsidized, or misrepresenting the bribes from China and Ukraine taken by Hunter Biden and his father, the Democratic National Party (DNP) is a veritable sewer of mendacity. Listening to the DNP and their media lapdogs complain about George Santos gives chutzpah a new meaning. The Democrats have about as much of a right to scream about Santos’s false vita sheet as Stalin did to complain about the treatment of Communist agents in the U.S.

But even more nauseating is the behavior of the Republicans who are going along with this outrageous scheme to destroy what remains of a thin Republican opposition to total Democratic control of the federal government. Greene was much too polite in her defense of Santos. The appropriate response to the Democratic-controlled media and congressional Democrats who are calling for Santos’s withdrawal is, “Go to Hell, you shameless hypocrites!” The Democrats have no moral right to denounce anyone in the opposition as a liar after what they have been doing since Donald Trump’s election and even before. Perhaps we should ask them to give back the fortune that their crooked darling Sam Bankman-Fried took from poor Americans and bestowed on his beloved Democratic politicians. What about asking U.S. Rep. Adam Schiff (D-Calif.) to resign for the lies that he told about Trump’s connection to Putin and for Schiff’s continuing bizarre endorsement of the transparently fake Steele Dossier? What about asking the Biden family to give back to the Chinese Communist Party the millions of dollars in bribe money they’ve taken since Joe was vice-president?

Yes, I know the old saw about “two wrongs don’t make a right,” but that’s not what we’re talking about here.  We are comparing an embellished résumé in a campaign year to a massive attempt by the other side to grab hold of the government by hook or crook and then reduce the opposition to enemies of the state. Meanwhile, GOP virtue-signaling is again becoming an environmental contaminant, and what Chronicles’ Sam Francis properly described as the “stupid party” is becoming self-destructively self-righteous as well.

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