Chronicles has suffered a tragic loss: on Easter Sunday, executive editor Aaron Wolf died of a sudden heart attack. He was a man of abounding goodness as father, husband, and Christian. Readers of Chronicles know that he was also a tenacious defender of our civilization and the lives of the unborn and most vulnerable. He made Chronicles possible through his industry as an editor, seeing the magazine through to production every month. His generosity toward colleagues, writers, and even strangers was unstinting, and he bettered the lives of everyone who knew him. Aaron set a benchmark for us all.

More must and will be said, and we shall provide details soon on how readers can help his wife, Lorrie, and their six children in this difficult and mournful time. Aaron’s funeral will take place at the St. Paul Lutheran Church, 600 N. Horsman St, in Rockford, IL. on Monday, April 29. Visitation is from 11 am, funeral service at 1 pm. A wake at 4881 Kilburn Avenue will follow the graveside service. Readers may send notes of condolence to this email address. We ask you to keep Aaron and his family in your prayers.

Update: In your charity, please consider donating to the family to help support them. 




[updated 4/26/19]