Lackland Air Force Base is embroiled in a scandal.  At the Air Force’s one boot camp, male instructors have been preying on their female recruits.  The events are only a scandal to Americans who have not been observing the licentiousness of the American Armed Forces for decades.  As Brian Mitchell observed in Chronicles many years ago, the same kind of misbehavior that goes on in trailer parks goes on in the Armed Forces, and for the same reason.  The scandal you may have missed is the Armed Forces’ increasing hostility to Christianity.  In 2010, a chaplain asked Admiral Mike Mullen if the repeal of “don’t ask; don’t tell” would mean he would no longer be able to preach that homosexual acts are sinful.  The Joint Chiefs Chair told him, “If you can’t get on board with the new policy, resign your commission.”  Another chaplain’s promotion was stopped when he sent an e-mail objecting to the repeal.  Another was told that his chapel was “sexually neutral territory” when he objected to its use for same-sex “marriage.”  More recently, Air Force Chief of Staff Norman Schwartz declared he did not want unit commanders referring troubled airmen to chaplains.  What Christian would join the Armed Forces?  What Christian parent would encourage his son or daughter to join the Armed Forces?