Yesterday’s Washington Post reported that, according to a recent Pew Center study, 19.6% of Americans now describe themselves as having no religious affiliation.   They are the new foot soldiers of the Democratic Party:  68% of those with no religious affilation lean Democrat, a number that increases to 73% among self-described atheists and agnostics.  According to the Post, the religiously unaffiliated are now the largest “faith constituency” in the Democratic Party.  This is consistent with a recent Kaiser Family Foundation study of the two major parties, which showed that a majority of Democrats belong to one of two groups identified by the Kaiser Family Foundation, “Urban Liberals” or the “Agnostic Left,” both of which are hostile to any religious influence in public life.  Thus, the Obama Administration’s anti-Christian actions are a reflection of what many of  today’s Democrats want, which is to use the federal government to make Christian organizations conform to the tenets of secular liberalism.  The HHS contraceptive mandate, which Obama has refused to back away from in a tight election year, is likely only the beginning.