The outcome of the United Kingdom’s EU referendum on June 23 stunned the London-based elite class. It laid bare the deep chasm between Britain’s political and media machine and the alienated, angry and disillusioned majority of “left-behind” citizens. DonateThanks to David Cameron’s miscalculation, hoi polloi used the opportunity to express their abiding dislike not only of the European Union and all its works, but also of the postnational, metropolitan elite class which dominates the political process and media discourse in Britain (as it does in every major Western country). That class was overwhelmingly pro-EU, not least because close to a million of its members have cottages in Languedoc, villas in Umbria etc. The vote can be seen as a plebiscite on the political system per se.

The elite class does not accept defeat, however, because it subscribes to the Bolshevik principle that the march of progressive humanity—of which it is the avant-garde—cannot be stopped by a mere exercise in “democracy.” Former Prime Minister Tony, a posthuman Briton par excellence, thus moans that the 48 per cent who voted to remain feel “disenfranchised.” He and his ilk all across the political spectrum are absolutely livid that yobs, racists and semiliterates from crappy northern towns have dared defy their wisdom, and horrified by the fact (that idiot Cameron!) that the Untermensch scum were given an opportunity to do so in the first place. That mistake must be rectified.

Of course the cognoscenti all think that the referendum should be overturned because those who voted to leave were too stupid to know what they were doing, and they are saying so, but that does not make the problem go away. They are therefore plotting a complex legal and constitutional stratagem. They are pressing members of Parliament—three-fourths of them in favor of staying in the EU—to simply ignore the referendum result and keep Britain in Merkel’s lager because (they allege) H.M. Government does not have the right to start the exit process by invoking Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty.

At the same time a group of unnamed British oligarchs has launched a legal challenge to prevent the Government from launching Brexit without a formal Act of Parliament. banner-one-priceThey assert that it would be unlawful for the next prime minister to take the United Kingdom out of the EU with an executive order based only on the referendum result, and without a full debate and a vote by MPs in the House and peers in the Lords, as it would be overturning parts of the European Communities Act of 1972.

As a Daily Express commentator has noted, the last time something similar happened was when King Charles I ignored the will of the people in the name of his divine rights: “Civil war followed, he lost his head and thousands died. No one wants such horror again but riots could happen, even here, if our rulers thwart the people’s will.”

Riots would be a very good thing if this monstrosity gains traction. Whatever happens, Britain will now face a profound political and constitutional crisis. The ruling Conservatives have no obvious successor to Cameron, now that former London mayor Boris Johnson—who spearheaded the Brexit campaign—is out of the race, having been stabbed in the back by his fellow Brexiter Michael Gove. If the next Tory leader and prime minister turns out not to be Euroskeptic, however, he or she may call a snap general election, rather than invoke Article 50 and thus start the complex two-year process of Britain’s withdrawal from the EU. If an Europhile majority is returned to Westminster, it will be claimed that such election result effectively invalidates the outcome of the referendum.

Whatever happens in the United Kingdom, the EU in its present form, and its founding myth that the process of “European integration” is natural and irreversible, are finished. Elite-mediated orthodoxy on immigration, sovereignty and trade will be challenged Newsletter_adwith renewed vigor, primarily in Holland, Denmark and Sweden (Britain’s trade allies), Hungary, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Poland (unified in opposition to immigrant quotas), and the chronically bankrupt Greece. The Eurozone, the inner rampart of the project, will come under new pressure. The guardians of the EU venture are saying that there will be no chain reaction, but they cannot prevent it. Most importantly, “the New European Person”—multicultural, ultratolerant, genderless—has joined “the New Soviet Man” on the ash heap of history.

But the coalition of multicultural fanatics, postnational technocrats, neo-Marxists and crooks who run the EU will be loath to risk another defeat. They will try to prevent any further referenda, but their capacity to control the narrative is gone. Euroskepticism, with its attendant themes of preventing population replacement and recovering sovereign statehood, has been legitimized. Marine Le Pen, Geert Wilders, Heinz-Christian Strache, and others of similar persuasion have been dealt a powerful hand by British voters. Their ability to alter the terms of the debate on immigration and identity is now greatly enhanced. Europe may yet be saved from the traitor class which runs the EU and its collective death wish.