In his latest nationally syndicated column, “Another Terror Attack: More Terror, More Denials,” Cal Thomas notes that many people are afraid to say what should be said about the link between Islam and terrorism for fear of being labeled an “Islamophobe.” He warns that “those who deny the threat of Islamic extremism in this country are quick to brand those in opposition with that term, even though in many cases their only sin is taking seriously the virulent rhetoric of racial Islamists, who blatantly admit to wanting to destroy western countries, especially the United States”:

Srdja Trifkovic is not afraid. He is a Serbian-American writer on international and foreign affairs and [an] editor of the “paleoconservative” magazine Chronicles. In the September issue Trifkovic writes: “The enemy is Islam, a supremacist ideology of permanent conflict and conquest, which is and has always been structurally unamenable to compromise with non-Islam. It has a highly developed legal, political, and moral doctrine, rooted in its core texts, which denies the legitimacy of any other belief system and form of social organization. Its exponents are state actors (most notably Saudi Arabia), groups with some state attributes (ISIS), decentralized terror networks (Al Qaeda), and self-starting ‘radicalized’ cells and individuals in most Western countries that have a sizable Muslim diaspora.”

Thomas notes that “all Muslims do not buy into these doctrines, but those who don’t are regarded as heretics by those who do”:

Don’t take my word for it. Do the research . . . While some politicians wring their hands, Trump wants to wring necks. His is a voice of certainty amid voices of timidity. Whether good or bad, that resonates with a lot of people who don’t enjoy life in that safety bubble protecting our elected officials.  Americans are tired of losing wars. This one they want to win. To those who want to win, Trump is Gen. Patton. Hillary Clinton reminds them of a conscientious objector.

This column was published by dozens of daily newspapers and websites all over the United States and abroad, including the Baltimore Sun and the Washington Times.