Why is it that every time Muslims kill a bunch of people and declare it is because they are fulfilling their religion, the government tells us Islam is peaceable and we should import more of it?

Nobody really believes that, but politicians say it because they think it is what they should say to sound statesmanlike. Like everything else they say, it is posturing, with a very short-term and self-referential perspective.

A system in which money determines the outcome of elections can by no interpretation be called democratic.

Bill Gates has given millions for education, virtually dictating many experimental policies that have been undertaken at great expense by public schools. All of them  have failed. That does not sound much like democracy, but it does prove that even smart people are not smart about everything. Especially “self-made men” who went to  prep schools.

Nobody should be President who does not have the knowledge, judgment, and courage to see beyond the policy alternatives that are presented to him or her by the “experts.” This definitely excludes most of the Republican contenders.

Why do the positions of most of the Republican Presidential candidates on Russia and Syria all sound like they were written by the same people? Why do they have nothing to suggest except to do what the Democratic administration is doing except more so?  How many would-be Republican Leaders of the Free World have thought seriously about the sense and consequences of their position in confronting Russia?

A meditation: Well, Sam, right you are, as usual. The Republicans get stupider week by week and anarcho-tyranny reigns, maybe worse than you imagined.

I have a beautiful, slick, multi-colored mail-out from Jeb Bush, telling me that he has “a plan” for the ISIS crisis. Golly, I am grateful that I can stop worrying now! 


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