Democracy is impossible when millions of Americans actually believe in the sincerity of politicians when they say they care about us.

Democracy is not possible when there is no debate, ideas, or principles but only marketing.

We used to celebrate “democracy,” thought of, somewhat vaguely, as majority rule and freedom. Now it seems to mean  the preemptory demands of minorities, destroying civilized standards, and invading select other countries. Freedom and majority rule are held in contempt.

It is well to remember that PC censorship does not intend to suppress what is untrue. The forces of PC themselves perpetrate many falsehoods. Their purpose is to suppress truths they don’t like.

It is reported that 77,000 federal employees are paid more than $200,000 per annum. This does not include many more who are beneficiaries of multiple millions in federal grants. A result of the Great Society, which was never about helping the poor. It was about providing well-paid no-work jobs for Democratic SJWs and Republican hacks.

Many voters are addicted to a fallacy: Democrats bad, ergo, Republicans must be good. The same people believe that Reagan cut back the federal government.

Government is always about managing things for the rich. It makes no difference if you call it “democracy.”


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