Democrats’ Big Gamble on the Border Crashers Will Pay Political Dividends

Elon Musk told us something obvious two days ago on Twitter about why the Biden administration has refused to take any action in the face of our overrun southern border. According to Musk: “Criminal charges, convictions, or gang membership alone are not enough for deportation. You basically have to be a convicted axe murderer to be deported.” “That’s because every deportation is a lost vote. They are importing as many votes as possible before the election.”

Musk’s explanation about what drives this meaningful nonaction sounds entirely plausible. Democratic leaders know they can keep the southern border open and bring in future Democrats until this year’s presidential election is over. If Texas’s Governor Greg Abbott has made it harder for illegals to enter from Mexico through Eagle Pass, then we should notice that border crossings have ticked up in Arizona and in Gavin Newsom’s effusively hospitable California. This influx is not going to stop, and those in the GOP who object may not be able to fix the problem until they win back the presidency. The bill that the Democrats in the Senate have pushed with limited bipartisan support, allegedly to limit border crossings, would do pathetically little to address the ongoing invasion, one that Joe Biden could fix with the stroke of his pen. This bill is one more attempt to divert attention from the deliberate nature of what Biden and his party have done.

 Biden and his handlers have decided to do nothing to remedy this worsening crisis. And they have good reason to take this approach, even if Biden is presently trailing Trump by 30 points or more when voters are asked which of the two likely presidential contenders would do a better job of handling this invasion of illegals.

There are excellent reasons the Democrats have embarked on a border policy that would appear to be hurting them. First of all, they know they can depend on what Trump properly styles “fake news” to push the border crisis out of public view once the presidential contest heats up this summer. The media, furthermore, can be counted on to shift the blame for this problem to Trump and congressional Republicans, something that periodically has been tried on leftist cable channels. Finally Democratic politicians and analysts can be counted to terrify us with revelations about how Trump would adopt Nazi-like methods to banish Third-World refugees who have given us the pleasure of their company.

The Democrats can also pivot, if need be, to other issues, as they did successfully in 2022 and 2023, when they made those elections about Republican sexism and the other party’s ruthless disregard for college students. In those elections, Democrats changed the campaign conversation from an overrun border to abortion rights and paying off the debts of college students. Although those issues were overblown and, as it turned out, Biden is constitutionally prohibited from unilaterally paying off the debts of college students (not to say he isn’t still trying), those two issues did allow the Democrats to prevail in two past elections. Perhaps the Democrats, of course with media assistance, could avail themselves of the same diversionary trick in the fall.

Finally, the Democratic plan to flood the country with 10 to 12 million illegals before November may have been soundly conceived. In Texas, where most of the illegals have been entering the country, the Republican incumbent, Senator Ted Cruz, is in a noticeably tough race for reelection with Colin Alred, a black Democratic congressman from Dallas. Although an articulate legal scholar and silver-tongued orator, Cruz is not particularly well-liked by Texas voters; and the Democrats will be spending up to $100 million to unseat him. Cruz is now running neck-and-neck with his leftist rival; and in his last senatorial contest, he defeated his flaky, almost laughably inept Democratic opponent, Beto O’ Rourke only by about two points. If the illegals do not play a direct role in this election, they should be available to defeat Cruz or any other Republican in future Texas senatorial races.

That said, illegals voting in elections has already become a serious problem in Washington, D.C. and in other parts of the country.

Obvious advantages will in any case accrue to the Democrats from this influx of illegals. The newcomers in Texas and other states in which they’re moving in large numbers, e.g., Arizona, will help deliver those states permanently to the Democratic Party. Even if the Democrats fail to bestow the franchise on illegals immediately, their beneficiaries do have enormous near-term use. Thus, they are being showered with costly goodies in New York and California, from free medical care and credit cards to housing in swanky hotels. Just by swelling the population in blue states, these illegals can provide their Democratic patrons with greater representation in Congress. This advantage may outweigh the costs of having these interlopers invade them, e.g., increased criminal violence and expanded social costs. Presumably Democratic administrations have also considered the low likelihood of their safe Democratic constituencies voting them out of office. For Biden’s handlers, it’s a win-win situation.

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