Questions for people of my venerable age or even younger, down to about 50.

Did you ever think you would see . . .

  • Arrogant or sullen foreigners swarming everywhere you look in your own hometown?
  • Obscenity and vulgarity beamed into every home 24 hours a day?
  • Large numbers of people walking and driving about holding little machines to their ears and paying no attention to their surroundings?
  • Two Muslim friendly presidents followed by a Mormon?
  • American baseball stars who are not American?
  • The foreign policy of the Republican Party dictated by Communists?
  • That of the ten most common family names in America, three would Mexican.  (Among people below 25, Mexican names make 8 of the top 20. In Canada Patel is 6th and Wong 8th.)
  • Men and boys unable to mow the grass without a machine to ride on?
  • New York skyscrapers and the Pentagon blown up by dimwitted foreigners armed with plastic tableware?  (Those who lived through WWII and the Cold War would not have been surprised by an atomic bomb or invasion by hordes of Chinese.  But this?)
  • Wars lasting decades in eastern places nobody can find on a map?
  • People with unfortunate sexual tendencies publicly flaunting and bragging about their affliction and demanding special government privileges?
  • Government control of medicine with the consequent astronomical costs?
  • Your privacy invaded by calls from some creep in Calcutta who can barely mouth English and wants to cheat you with some phony prize?
  • A college degree almost worthless and the rising generation of Americans certain to be poorer than their parents and lucky to have any job at all?
  • Picking up a girl at her house and meeting her parents would be replaced by “hooking up”?
  • The complete disappearance of teenagers eager to earn pocket money by doing odd jobs and delivering newspapers?
  • Arrogant or sullen foreigners swarming everywhere you look in your own hometown?