The neocons are gloating that Donald Trump’s poll numbers have slumped. “Donald Trump is in the midst of a fairly dramatic collapse in public opinion polls,” enthuses Peter Wehner in Commentary. “What seems to be happening isn’t that Hillary Clinton is on the rise. Rather, Trump’s popularity is dangerously low for a presumptive presidential nominee at this stage (pre-summer) of the race. And since the start of June, the trend for Trump has been alarming.” He also attacks Trump’s response to the Orlando killings.

But what he doesn’t note is that it’s historically difficult to throw the incumbent party out of the White House except during a recession, which we don’t have—yet. I know Chronicles readers don’t do this, but most Americans “vote their pocketbooks,” at least as perceived on election day. That’s understandable. If you’re standing in an unemployment line wondering how to feed your family, you want to “throw the bums out.” But if things are relatively good, even if the long-term trend is down due to bum trade deals, record immigration and bankster ripoffs—well, you have other things on your mind.

Meanwhile, the neocons have joined their pals in the Mainstream (or Mainsleaze) Media to demonize Trump, even on his comments about the Orlando killings.

Wehner also doesn’t note that the neocons’ candidates in the last two elections, Romney and McCain, were wiped out. And their preferred candidates this time around—Rubio, Cruz and Jeb!—would have fared even worse than Trump.

More, only Trump has the presence, brains and moxie to—as Billy Martin said of the 1978 New York Yankees, Trump’s home team, when they were 14 games down at mid-season,—“make a run at the Red Sox,” that is, Hillary. Like Martin, Trump is a scrapper who will do what he can to win. Only Trump can effectively hammer Hillary, over and over again, about her emails, Benghazi, destroying Libya to put ISIS in charge, etc. If the economy falters, then he’ll have a main chance.

He still might not make it. The vast influx of immigrants, about 70 percent of whom favor Democrats, but has been cheered on by the neocons. It may be that we already are into the era of a one-party state, with Republicans even losing the House and Senate. It would serve them right after House Speaker Paul Ryan and Senate Majority Loser Mitch McConnell trashed Trump.

And Fed boss Janet Yellin is cooperating with Hillary. Yellen just announced there won’t be an increase in interest rates. And so far this year, she has been inflating the dollar, which is up to $1297 per ounce of gold, from $1062 at the beginning of the year—a 22 percent jump, which is a 1970s level of inflation, if it continues. Commodities follow gold, so energy prices are up as well from their recent doldrums. The headaches will come next year when the Fed, to prevent runaway inflation, “takes away the punch bowl,” as the dismal scientists put it. President Hillary could face a quick and deep recession, made worse by her own horrible policies and a potential Democratic Congress panting to pass the tax and regulatory increases to satisfy her whims.

The necons will blame everything on Trump. Wehner already concludes, “Republicans now have to struggle with the realization of what they have done, the nature of the man their party has nominated, and the coming political catastrophe. It is a very painful time for the party.” Then maybe it’s time for the party to be replaced by a better one.