Presumably like every live being in the U.S. 65 or older, I recently received from the government a 152-page paperback book explaining to me the glories and the ins and outs of Medicare.   Being of a perverse nature, I became interested in the numerous photographs of happy Medicare recipients and caregivers that were spread through the book to spice up the text.  Of the people pictured, 23 are black, 17 are white, and 14 are Asian.  There is one who might be Hispanic and one who might be a Native American.  What might this statistical imbalance mean?

At Ruby Ridge, a foreign mercenary sniper in the service of the U.S. government murdered an American woman standing in the doorway of her home holding her infant.  In the same military action against a homestead, her teen-aged son was also killed.  No federal lackey has ever apologized or been penalized for this enormity.  However, more recently, when a black teenager was killed by a citizen defending his life against a felon, the teenager in question received a vast outpouring of sympathy, including from the President of the U.S.

At Waco, the U.S. government mounted a heavy military attack (which it later repeatedly lied about) against a church, resulting in the burning to death of several dozen innocent children.  No federal lackey has ever apologized or been penalized for this enormity.  Instead, survivors of the attack were prosecuted as criminals.  Very few Americans seem to have noticed.

Saudi Islamic terrorists hijacked planes and rendered major damage to American people and structures, including the military headquarters of the vaunted “greatest power on earth.”   The President, who had many connections with Saudi oil interests, made sure that his Saudi friends were whisked to safety and did all he could to minimize public backlash against Muslims.  His deliberate failure to enforce immigration laws meant that the terrorists were in the country when they should not have been.  His $2 billion intelligence budget failed to detect the assault, a monumental display of government incompetence.  The President was re-elected and his actions received almost no criticism.

In response to the attack by Saudi terrorists, the President declared an undeclared “war against terrorism” and invaded, against international law, an unrelated country that the U.S. had previously supported with arms and money.  An inconclusive invasion for which an immense debt was piled up.  The invasion was justified by egregious lies of the President and his lackeys.  A clearer case of treason is hard to imagine.  The President was re-elected and is still venerated in some circles as a great statesman.   Impeachment was never even mentioned, although the previous President had been impeached over a semantical question in regard to a sexual indiscretion that had no discernible effect on official acts.

Did any empire in history ever have such petty and poltroonish leadership as our American one?  No Alexander or Napoleon, not even a Chinese Gordon—just Lindsey Graham, George Bush, Madeline Albright, and David Petraeus

What would George Washington or Thomas Jefferson think about the Union of free men that they worked to bring into being?