Europa Delenda Est?

Last month I attended a conference in Banja Luka, the capital of the autonomous Republika Srpska. It is one of the two post-war Bosnian entities, the one which would dearly like to be free of the shackles of “Bosnia-Herzegovina”—a horrid quasi-multi-culti edifice created by the collective West on the ruins of Yugoslavia.

The event was focused on upholding the basics of the 1995 Dayton Peace Agreement which ended the Bosnian war, and which currently is under sustained EU/U.S. attack in favor of a unitary Bosnian state dominated by the Muslims. The President of the Republika Srpska, Milorad Dodik, gave the keynote speech at the conference, reaffirming the right of the Serbian people to sovereignty and the need for all parties to respect the Dayton agreements.

James Jatras, former U.S. diplomat and political analyst, noted that, in Washington, the Dayton agreement was never intended to last: “It was always meant to lead to the dominantly Muslim unitary state. All those pressures became visible even before ink was even dry on the agreement, and they are continuing until today. The real strength of the Republic of Srpska is not words of the Dayton agreement, which are written on sand. It is the strength of the Serbian people here.”

The conference was attended by some two-dozen members of sovereigntist European parties and movements, good people with a deep understanding of the problems facing their countries and Europe as a whole. I asked some of them a set of questions which are particularly pertinent to the Old Continent’s ongoing predicament. They are presented here in unedited form, starting with Hervé Juvin. Member of European Parliament from France and a prominent author. Next week we’ll post the opinions of Mr. Juvin’s friends and colleagues from Italy and Germany.

ST:  Where, when, and why did the European project go bad, from the “Europe of Nations” of De Gaulle to the monster of Brussels of today?

HJ:  Four steps led down from Europe to the Union that is destroying it. The first was the “coup” from European jurisdictions stating that European treaties are above national constitutions.

The second was the great opening to worldwide flows of capital, imposed by Germany under U.S. pressure in the Maastricht Treaty, to kill any idea of an European savings and financial market and an independent European currency.

The third was the full EU membership granted to eastern European Nations out of the Soviet grip, but very far from any ability to deal with European criteria. The great opening of European membership to foreign states is still running, which is the best way to weaken Europe and destroy it from the inside.

Last not the least, the great treason of the clear will of people, when the Netherlands and France refused by referendum to accept the project of European constitution, but governments cheated them later to adopt the Lisbon Treaty.

I’ll add the last step down; the alignment on U.S. policy towards Ukraine, with blind moves against Russia that are destroying anything like “strategic autonomy” and will leave Europe for decades at the hands of the American Gauleiters.

ST:  At this late stage, what would it take to Europe to embark on the path of moral and demographic recovery?

HJ:  It would not be the result of public policies. I take note of the failure of all natalist policies, even with very strong support of public money. The key is for all European nations to be proud again of their history, their achievements, and the will to keep their ground. The best way for Europe to build its unity is to keep away what is not European, not to destroy the nations that are parts of it.

ST:  The Western elite class seems determined to rule by totalitarian means, so is the change of the existing power structure by regular means possible?

HJ:  We are under the threat of what I called a “totalitarian capitalism” in my latest book, Chez Nous! Here money buys everything, from the WHO to the Ivy League, from universities to free speech. And Big Techs are providing all the stuff new totalitarians need to rule. But this rule is fragile. Just see the fear provoked by Donald Trump in the U.S.! Just see the rise of nationalist movements across Europe, infamously designated as “populist” just because they represent “we, the people” as did the Gilets Jaunes (yellow vest) movement in France, and not the plutocrats whose goal is to destroy any identity, any community, and any faith to keep unlimited power.

ST:  Will there still be a recognizable “Europe,” and its constituent nations as coherent, self-aware communities, by the end of this century?

HJ:  Europe as we knew it is far away, and it will not come back. We won’t see back the Christian, white Europe some are dreaming of! Past never comes back. Game is over; demography is destiny, and you can’t build walls against the sea. Something new is coming. But nobody knows what will be that new Europe, with at least one third of its population from foreign, and mostly Muslim origins, and a strong call for Eurasia to become the new dream of a generation! There is a clear call for the next generation: “Go East, young man!”

ST:  In the end, is a catastrophic economic and social crisis necessary to shake the Europeans out of their stupor and back to sanity?

HJ:  The come back to what you call “sanity” will be very rough, I fear. I would say to these fools of the woke culture, the open borders movement, but also the European Union ideology: you don’t know the devils you are unleashing! I deeply trust the resilience of national identities, ethnic realities, and the bonds within true communities. Don’t play fool with them!

Throughout history they have been incredibly successful in reinventing themselves. When they come back, they will clean the swamp. China, Iran, Russia … are here to stay, as is France. People of European nations have been under sleeping pills for too long; peace, mass consumption, good way of life, public safety, etc. It is over. The Union did not fulfill its promises; we get war at the borders, mass poverty and foreign invasion inside, censorship everywhere, and an under-development process is under way. Just see how many homeless are sleeping in the streets of Paris! But the great awakening will come soon. We will all get “woke,” in a very different, effective and promising way!

(To be continued … )

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