Every State Is a Border State Now

Marcus Glivings said he feels like he’s been stuck in a nightmare since April 8. That was the day his son, Jacques Price, a young father himself, was killed in a hit-and-run by an illegal alien in Maryland while he was riding a skateboard.

“It’s like that every day,” Glivings told DC News Now. “Normally mornings are the hardest because I know what the day is going to bring and not bring.”

Reading this story brought to mind an MSNBC panel hosted by Rachel Maddow last month. Maddow and Jen Psaki, Biden’s former White House press secretary, mocked Americans who do not live in border states but say border security and immigration are their top issues right now. “Well, Virginia does have a border with West Virginia,” Maddow said. 

Of course, Maryland—where Glivings is grieving—does not share a border with Mexico.

Nevertheless, for Americans like Glivings, the refusal of the political class to secure our southern border has led to what seems like a new tragedy every day. I used the word “refusal” because if there were the will to do it, the border could be sealed tomorrow. Declaring our border and immigration policies a “failure” assumes too much good will on the part of the people who deliberately brought us to this point—the people who chose to leave the gates wide open. Those people have agency in the matter and their failure is not one of policy but of will.

Price’s case is yet another reminder of just how thoroughly our institutions have been turned against Americans at every level and why every state is a border state now.

The man accused of killing Price is named Gilver Zelaya-Diaz. He entered the country in 2019 and used up to eight different aliases as he embarked on a criminal odyssey. 

According to a Montgomery County statement of charges, Zelaya-Diaz’s litany includes “charges for driving on a suspended license, driving without a license, speeding, armed robbery, second-degree assault, and possessing controlled dangerous substances with an intent to distribute.” Records show that he was released from federal prison last July and failed to make five court appearances. Despite all this, there is no indication that Zelaya-Diaz has ever been deported.

Zelaya-Diaz was driving without a license while on probation when Price was hit and killed. Price, who turned 27 in March, leaves behind a five-year-old son. I wonder if Maddow and Psaki would chortle at that.

Shortly after news of Zelaya-Diaz’s apprehension broke, Fox News correspondent Bill Melugin broke a story about how the Biden administration has been flying hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens into just about every state. The House Homeland Security Committee had to use a subpoena to pry the data from the Department of Homeland Security. 

It showed that between last January and August, roughly 200,000 illegal aliens were flown into U.S. cities across the country. How many Zelaya-Diazes were among just that batch? No one knows. But there will be signs. Look for them in the headlines that flash daily with the phrase “illegal immigrant” or in the makeshift memorials that are constructed to remember their victims.

For Glivings, it is a white skateboard nailed to a telephone pole by a neighbor near where Price was fatally struck. Flowers are tucked behind the wheels, and the date of Price’s death is written across the bottom of the deck. 

“Ever since it happened, I think the very next day, one of the neighbors nailed that skateboard up there and then flowers and candles and pictures,” he said.

Glivings broke down and wept at the sight.

“He didn’t deserve it, he didn’t deserve it. He was minding his own business.”

That is true for Price, and it is true for every American who did not ask to relinquish control of our borders.

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