The presidency of Donald Trump has made some things many of us suspected for a long time perfectly clear, as a former president used to say. Our enemies no longer hide what their agenda is, and job #1 on that agenda is replacing what Archie Bunker used to call “regular Americans” with foreigners. Thus, the crazed, hateful howling about the Trump administration trying to do what the U.S. government was created to do—defend American borders and prevent invasion, something no normal person would even think twice about. The problem is, there are lots of not-so-normal people in positions of power in this country, and plenty of radicals, freaks, weirdos, and resentful minority activists to act as that group’s enforcers. Anyone who entertains the notion that Americans have a right to decide who does and doesn’t enter the country is labeled a “Nazi” by the neo-Bolsheviks, as well as by the radical-globalist alliance’s media arm, who are fronting for the billionaires. (Let that soak in for a moment or two—admirers of Che and Lenin, doing the dirty work of billionaires.)

What the developed world is currently experiencing is nothing less than a wave of mass migration very much like others that have periodically swept aside nations and empires, de-stabilizing them through the introduction of alien cultures. The migration pattern is South to North, the most vulnerable front our southern border.

The invaders are coming in numbers that will inevitably transform our country—indeed, the invasion already has transformed large parts of the country, and that transformation is ongoing. Time is short. If the radical-globalist alliance has its way, just what will the country formerly known as America look like in the not-too-distant future? Here are few clues from the dysfunctional mess called Mexico:

Mexican federal police arrested a town’s entire police force after the murder of a mayoral candidate—more than 120 candidates were murdered in our neighbor to the south prior to elections on July 1. More than 200,000 have been killed in Mexico since 2006, and over 25,000 were murdered last year.

“Socialized” or “mass” crime is a thing, as they say, in Mexico—mobs are attacking and robbing trains, tapping into fuel pipelines, looting supermarkets, and engaging in other fun and games with the help of organized crime. The “drug cartels” aren’t just about drug running—crime is a big business and everybody wants their cut. One Mexican political scientist put it this way: “This is the type of scene you see in failed states, where you don’t just have organized crime, but you have an organized criminal population with an extensive social base.” And that “social base,” dear readers, is coming our way.

This should catch our attention: bullet-proof car production has hit record levels as violence has soared in Mexico—the Mexican Automotive Armor Association (to borrow another hackneyed catchphrase—you can’t make this stuff up) expects a 10 percent production spike this year.

Some have called processes at work in our country “Brazilianization”—so it might enlighten us a bit to take a look at what is happening in that multiethnic, multicultural South American land. And guess what? With political and economic instability, bullet-proof car production in sunny Brazil will outpace Mexico’s this year. Violent crime is soaring, and the murder rate in some Brazilian states is “on par” with some of the world’s most murderous nations, including that of our Central American neighbor, Honduras.

My novel, Field of Blood, is partly a fictional vehicle for highlighting just how high the stakes are in the battle over immigration, border security, and globalization. We have a right and a duty to preserve ourselves and our homeland. Time is on the side of our foes. We have to act soon. 


[Image via By Celinebj [CC BY-SA 4.0]]