Tonight media reports are hyping a deal to add a border fence to the Amnesty Bill currently being considered in the Senate.   Only the gullible will believe that such a fence will ever be built.   After all, Congress authorized building a 700 mile border fence in 2006, but only 36 or so miles of the type of fence capable of stopping people from crossing has ever been built, our leaders’ lies to the contrary notwithstanding.   If there was a real desire among politicians to stop illegal immigration, a border fence would have been built decades ago.

What there is a real desire for, on the part of both Democratic and Republican elites, is more immigration.  Democrats regard  immigrants as future Democratic voters and Republicans view them as cheap labor.    The longing by Democrats for more Democrats and by Republican donors for cheap labor is insatiable, and such longing will not be thwarted by a promise to build a border fence or even legislation requiring that one be built.  Promises can be broken and legislation can be rewritten or thwarted, and that is exactly what will happen if the phony promise to build a border fence helps the disastrous Amnesty Bill to become law.