French Minister of the Interior Manuel Valls recently drew howls of politically-correct outrage.  Valls, who is according to the BBC, a rising star in Hollande’s administration, said that the sociopathic Gypsy lifestyle, based on chicanery and the avoidance of socially acceptable work, is “clearly in confrontation” with the lifestyle of the French.

In response to his critics, who snidely pointed out that Valls is himself an immigrant, born in Barcelona, the admirably steadfast Interior Minister explained:

“I’ve got nothing to correct.  My remarks only shock those who don’t know the subject.  The majority of Gypsies should be delivered back to the borders.  We are not here to welcome these people.  I’d remind you of [former Socialist premier] Michel Rocard’s statement: ‘It’s not France’s job to deal with the misery of the whole world.'”

Like Valls and my friend Peter Brimelow, I also had my immigrant background nastily pointed out to me by the politically-correct cheerleaders of the New World Order.  The fact that I came here legally, was of course lost on my opponents.  As Brimelow pointed out in “Alien Nation”, it was oftentimes immigrants who became outspoken opponents of mass immigration.  British Jew and labor leader Samuel Gompers comes to mind.

As for the Gypsies in French, it is nearly impossible to visit major tourist attractions in Paris without being assaulted by gangs of dusky, jeans-clad Gypsy girls with clipboards, which they thrust in your face, mumbling something incoherent in a mix of French, English, Rumanian, and Roma.  Tourists dumb enough to fall for this ploy start looking through the petitions attached to the clipboards and are quickly relieved of their wallets and passports.  These obnoxious Gypsy bands are especially prevalent in the Jardin des Tuileries and near the Sacre Coeur cathedral in Montmartre.  And while not as sinister as the Arabs and Africans, the Gypsies occasionally resort to violence.  A few years ago, an American tourist and her mother were knocked to the ground and stomped on by a pack of Gypsy girls right outside the cathedral.