The most recent Muslim terrorist outrage took place in Copenhagen this time. The son of Palestinian immigrants (the European liberals’ favorite designated victims) Omar Abdel Hamid El-Hussein (described with typical accuracy by the NYT as Denmark’s “native son”) shot up first, a free speech meeting, killing a Danish documentary filmmaker, and moved on to shoot up a synagogue where a bat mitzvah celebration was held, killing a volunteer guard from the local Jewish community before being dispatched by Danish cops.

Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu immediately seized on the opportunity the Islamist double murder provided and with characteristic obtuseness, called for the mass emigration of European Jews to Israel. In response, the leaders of Denmark’s Jews put the neocons’ darling into his place. “Terror is not a reason to move to Israel”, responded Danish Chief Rabbi Jair Melchior, adding that, “If the way we deal with terror is to run somewhere else, we should all run to a deserted island”. The French Prime Minister pointed out that Bibi’s remarks came in the middle of a hotly contested Knesset campaign, which may result in a Labor coalition victory. One wonders how Netanyahu and the Israeli establishment would react if during the constant suicide bombings of the Second Intifada, Vladimir Putin called on Soviet Jews to return to Russia from Israel.

Two things need to be pointed out with regard to the latest Islamic terror attack in Europe. First, the “European” antisemitism that the Jewish establishment and the mainstream media rail and wail about, is in reality, Arab Muslim and Black antisemitism, which takes place in Europe and is perpetrated by the unassimilated and unassimilable children and grandchildren of Muslim and Black immigrants. In the recently posted video “10 Hours of Walking in Paris as a Jew”, a man with a yarmulke is subjected to various forms of verbal abuse by youngsters on the streets of Paris. What strikes the viewer is not one of the hooligans is a Frenchman or a European. They are all Arabs or Blacks who make comments ranging from “Viva Palestina!” to the worst kind of profanities. It is not Francois, Jean, or Brigitte, but Mohammed, Bilal, and Fatima who are attacking Jews, vandalizing cemeteries, and shooting up synagogues. But don’t expect the Jewish establishment to recognize this uncomfortable fact. No, the Foxmans and the Hiers will continue to rail against “European antisemitism” and “intolerance” while the Muslims of Europe will continue to attack Jews.

Second, every such attack plays directly into the hands of Netanyahu and his goal of a Judenfrei Western Europe. On the one hand, it seemed to confirm his constant assertions that Europe is a place where no Jew can feel safe. Therefore, Israel should not even listen to criticism from the EU regarding the Palestinians and the stalled “peace process”. After all, are not these the same folks who allow an antisemitic reign of terror to engulf their countries? On the other hand, the emigration of Western European Jews to Israel, both improves the fragile demographic balance in Israel and brings largely educated and Westernized people into the Israeli economy. 

Instead of responding with messages of support for real Europeans and standing united with them, Netanyahu engaged in belligerent demagoguery, for which he is so infamous. I guess one cannot teach an old Likudnik new tricks.