After leading Chronicles: A Magazine of American Culture for over 30 years, Dr. Thomas Fleming is retiring.  His last issue as editor is the June number.  “Dr. Fleming is an intellectual giant, and American conservatism’s unsung hero,” said Rockford Institute Board Chairman Raymond Welder.  “The proof is in his consistently excellent work: 30 years of writing a monthly Perspective, each as hard-hitting as it is erudite; 30 years of producing the best-edited magazine in America; 30 years of setting the tone for conservative intellectual discourse.”

Having already contributed several articles to the magazine, Dr. Fleming joined the staff of Chronicles as managing editor with the September 1984 issue.  He was named editor with the May 1985 number, following the death of founding editor Leopold Tyrmand.  Though retired from the editor’s desk, Dr. Fleming will remain a regular contributor to Chronicles.

Rockford Institute President Thomas Piatak has named long-time Senior Editor for Books Chilton Williamson, Jr., as Dr. Fleming’s successor.  He will begin his tenure as editor with the July issue.  “Chilton Williamson is a talented writer and experienced editor,” said Dr. Fleming.  “He is also a good friend in whom I have complete confidence.  I look forward to working under his editorship.”

After serving as senior editor for National Review, Mr. Williamson joined the staff of Chronicles in 1989.  He is the author of numerous books, including The Conservative Bookshelf, The Immigration Mystique, and After Tocqueville: The Promise and Failure of Democracy, as well as several works of fiction.  “It is a great honor to succeed Tom Fleming as editor of Chronicles,” said Williamson.  “Knowing full well that filling his shoes is an impossible task, I am confident that the peerless and quintessential voice of Chronicles will continue to guide traditional conservative thought and remain faithful to our maxim: There are no political solutions to cultural problems.  I am excited and determined to lead the magazine in proclaiming that message to a new generation of readers.”

Mr. Williamson was born in New York City and raised there and on the family farm near South Windham, Vermont.  After graduating from Columbia College, he served as history editor for St. Martin’s Press.  He and his wife, Maureen, live in Laramie, Wyoming.

[This announcement will appear in the print edition of the June 2015 issue of Chronicles.]