In my recent piece “Hell-Bent,” one of my overarching themes was that the rush to approve same-sex marriage was really about self-identified “heterosexuals” seeking approval for themselves.  Legally sanctioned “gay marriage” is a kind of public proclamation that the constraints of traditional morality do not apply.

As if to prove my point, Time‘s new cover story is about “Having It All Without Having Children.” The article is behind a paywall, but this reaction, by CNN’s Zoe Zorka, is not.  From the git-go, the fabulous Mrs. Z notes an organic connection between LGBT rights and deliberate childlessness/pleasure-marrying.  The title is “I’m Coming Out—I Don’t Want Children,” and her very first sentence celebrates the downfall of DOMA.

And as if to underscore a key argument made by my piece, Fr. Hugh’s, and Scott Richert’s, Mrs. Z attributes her hedonism to her “orientation”: “Just as gays and lesbians do not ‘outgrow’ their orientations, I don’t believe that I will outgrow mine either.”

Mrs. Z sees herself as a beleaguered crusader who is doing her “part in creating a society that allows everyone, regardless of personal choices, to be accepted and able to express themselves freely without fear of judgment.”

So, do you see?  Those who are wondering what the next whirlwind cultural shift is going to be ought to start thinking of ways the federal government might intervene to force you to accept childless hedonism and stop you from expressing judgment.  And if churches want to get in front of this, they might want to start teaching against pleasure-marrying instead of dreaming up the next DOMA.