The Malaysian and Dutch embassies in Kiev are covered with heaps of flowers. But not a single little flower is brought in the memory of the victims of the bombings of Lugansk, which happened on the same day as the downing of flight MH17. And where would the flowers be brought? Kiev does not have embassies of the Donetsk and Lugansk People’s Republics. After all, Kiev considers Lugansk and Donetsk to be Ukrainian cities and mercilessly bombards the civilian population of the same cities it considers its own – “My neighbor was killed in his yard” wrote a person I know from Facebook. Kiev responds to every successful operation of the militiamen by bombing residential areas, as happened after the defeat of the Ukrainian “Azov” battalion at Saur-Mogila. And this is still referred to as a “counter-terrorist operation”. A counter-terrorist operation in which the government takes civilians hostage.

Kiev’s pop singer Ruslana lay for several hours on the flower heap near an embassy clutching a sign with the words “Putin is a murderer” in her hands. A singer is allowed to be uneducated and not know the term “presumption of innocence”. But when PM David Cameron of Great Britain says essentially the same thing, demanding, before the conclusion of an investigation and before the black boxes have been analyzed, sanctions against Russia, one becomes scared for the fate of Christian civilization. Where is our awareness of justice? One gets the impression that the guilty party was determined way ahead of time. Maybe even before the ill-fated plane took off.

Desperately, sacrificing the lives and fates of its compatriots in Novorossiya, Russia tries to avoid being pushed into war. The year 2014 is the centennial of a fateful event for the country, the centennial of Gavrilo Princip’s shot in Sarajevo. And Putin is afraid of its repetition. The militiamen of Novorossiya accuse him of betraying Russians and those who wished to repeat the fate of Crimea feel cheated and mislead. Russia does not send arms to the militiamen and does not move in troops. Only Igor Strelkov and his men fight against Kiev.

The difference between the military strength of the militiamen and the Kiev authorities reminds one of the fight waged by the American South against the North and the siege of Atlanta. The Russians of Novorossiya are being pressed by the overwhelming technological advantage and numerical strength of their opponents. The authorities plan was to kill off the militia when the ring of steel closed around Slaviansk, but a small number of armored units heroically absorbed the blow when Strelkov ripped through the blockading ring of Kiev’s forces. (Everyone from the armored units died, we saw photographs of their dead bodies on the internet). The escaped militia reorganized on the way to Kramatorsk where the forces of Arsen Pavlov, better known by his nomme-de-guerre “Motorola” were surrounded. There, Strelkov once more ripped through the enemy forces and led Motorola’s men away. The reorganized and reunited militia continued to Donetsk and everyone was expecting Strelkov to begin an advance.

And then, all of the sudden, the airplane fell from the sky. Does Russia, which desperately seeks to avoid war and refuses to bring troops into Novorossiya profit from this tragedy? No, it does not. Do the militiamen of Novorossiya profit from the downing of the plane? Not at all. And even if they had a reason to shoot it down, how would they do it? The presence of the anti-aircraft “Buk” missile system among Strelkov’s forces has been exposed as a Ukrainian fabrication.

The air dispatch service, which was in charge of the downed Boeing is in Kiev-controlled Dnepropetrovsk. All of the sudden, it changed the route of the doomed plane, taking it farther north of the usual route, into the war zone. The governor of Dnepropetrovsk, Igor Kolomoysky, is one of Ukraine’s most radical Russia-haters.

Why does the world’s media totally ignore the press briefing of the Russian ministry of defense, which took place on July 21st? Not made up accusations, but facts fatal for Ukraine’s position were aired there. The head of the chief executive directorate of the armed forces general staff Lieutenant General Andrei Kartapolov said the following: “A rise in altitude by a Ukrainian air force jet, apparently, an SU-25, was determined to take place 3-5 km from the Boeing 777. An SU-25 can reach the short-term altitude of 10,000 km and has air-to-air R-60 rockets”.

Of course, Ukraine denies the presence of its jets, just like it denied holding military exercises in 2001 when its missile shot down a plane flying from Tel Aviv to Novosibirsk. Ukraine is moving towards an economic collapse and cannot hold together its territory. Ukraine would profit from pulling Russia into the war. After all, it can receive financing from the West for “the rebuilding of economy after military aggression” and it would not have to repay the huge debt it owes to Russia. And “military aggression” by a stronger country sounds much better than an armed attempt to keep one’s own unhappy population within one’s borders.

In the 23 years of its “freedom”, Ukraine showed its complete non-viability and is constantly rocked by revolutions. Nazism, in the most primitive and provincial form of the cult of Stepan Bandera was reborn in the Ukraine. And why can Kosovo chose to break away, but Novorossiya cannot? Maybe it is because the “Kosovars” broke away someone else’s land and the Russians of Novorossiya their own?

Ukraine would profit and benefit from embroiling Russia into the war, but the international community would not. No one will escape unscathed from a war in which Russia gets involved. The international community would benefit from the cessation of anti-Russian hysteria and an objective investigation of the causes and results of the airplane’s downing.


[Translated into English by Eugene Girin]