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Boris Nemtsov: How a Living Pawn Became a Dead King, Part II

For now, several suspects from the Caucasus have been arrested. Let us note that all of the political murder victims of recent years—Markelov, Politkovskaya, and Nemtsov have been somehow or other tied to the Caucasus region. Remember, it was Nemtsov who lobbied Denmark not to extradite the Chechen criminal Ahmed Zakayev. Later he cowardly denied...


Boris Nemtsov: How a Living Pawn Became a Dead King, Part I

A generation arose and took its place in the life of Russia, which did witness Boris Nemtsov as a political heavyweight. The governor of the Nizhny Novgorod region, vice-premier, who was seen as an heir to Yeltsin, breathtaking ascension in his political career, and an ability to make country-wide policy—all this left Boris Nemtsov together...


Islamic Terror in Paris: To Be Continued

Muslim violence has returned to Paris, after nine years, with the murder of editorial-staff members of Charlie Hebdo.  But the jihad of today looks different from the one that took place there in the fall of 2005.  The previous jihadist was an aggressive and illiterate teenager with a baseball bat in one hand and a...



The Malaysian and Dutch embassies in Kiev are covered with heaps of flowers. But not a single little flower is brought in the memory of the victims of the bombings of Lugansk, which happened on the same day as the downing of flight MH17. And where would the flowers be brought? Kiev does not have...


Slaviansk: Civilians Under Attack

Six-year-old Polina Sladkaya became the latest lodger of the Slaviansk morgue. She was killed on June 8 by a Ukrainian mortar shell. Everyone knows that morgue workers are not distressed by the sight of dead bodies, because of a natural coping mechanism. But even the morgue workers wept when they saw this blonde-haired toddler with...


Slaviansk in Flames

Fairness does not exist and it is no use looking for it. The world got into the habit of taking the wrong side. That was how Christian Serbia was torn apart and Albanian criminals turned Kosovo – holy for every Serb – into a different state, a drug lord state, a human organ trafficking state,...