For half a century an enlightened, progressive mentality has dominated the information and entertainment media, the educational system at every level, the courts, the clergy, and the corporate elite.  No need to get upset or act surprised that many young people are ignorant, lazy, lack moral standards, love rap music, and vote for Obama.  That’s how it’s supposed to be.

No need to feel bad about not voting.  The unelected courts, bureaucracy, media, party pollsters, and bankers already decide everything important.  Don’t worry, they have your best interests at heart.

The “conservative movement” that began after World War II has never countered a single leftist initiative.  It has not failed however.  It has been very successful at preserving the power and perks of many Republican politicians.

It is no longer necessary to worry about whether something is Constitutional.  The Harvard Law School is taking care of that.  And the President’s flunkies can always help him figure it out.

Be a good citizen.  Always do what the police and soldiers tell you to do.  Do it swiftly and cheerfully.  After all, they are defending your freedom.

We have the best armed forces in the world.  We can blow up poorly armed peasants on the other side of the world who threaten our freedom.  We can even blow them up before they threaten our freedom.

We don’t need to be concerned any more about being on a slippery slope.  We are already at the bottom.

Enjoy.  We Americans no longer have to go abroad to visit a foreign country.