Trump has triumphed. Now what?

A theme is reverberating on this, the Day After, and it goes like this: The media are buffoons who so obviously got everything wrong. How could anyone trust them ever again?

All of the Network Gurus (save FOX’s) staved off the Trumpocalypse for as long as they could on Tuesday evening, keeping those delegate counts artificially inflated on the side of Hillary Clinton. But their long faces told the tale, which was being whispered into their earpieces. Now those same Gurus are temporarily owning the fact that yes, they failed to see this coming, and today they are reaching for explanations.

This will not take long.

Hillary Clinton, Tim Kaine, Barack and Michelle, and all of their media friends did not drop dead at the stroke of midnight, nor did the throngs of voters who wept uncontrollably—some in the fetal position, as captured by NBCNews—all of whom were With Her. Look up, America! The glass ceiling is still there! Even Megyn Kelly joined the pity party: After the euphoria of a shocking Trump win started to fade, she began tittering over the millions of women and Muslims who would wake up terrified on Wednesday.

“And Latinos,” added a mournful Juan Williams.

The 24-hour news cycle continues to turn, and so do the machinations of Washington.  Right now, the machine is scrambling to frame what just happened in such a way that its power will be preserved if not increased. This means we’re just moments away from a reboot of the relentless assault on Trump that attempts to connect every one of his personal peccadillos to the conservative policies he advocated during his campaign, and cast everyone who cares about those policies as a Grade-A Deplorable. Only a rapist would nominate a Supreme Court justice who would oppose Roe v. Wade. Only a Nazi who hates “our American values” would dare to engage in “extreme vetting.” Only a racist would deport illegal aliens. After all, only a sexist would have kept the most qualified candidate in the history of the galaxy from shattering that glass ceiling.

Hollywood will soon join in, and dial up as many mid-season replacements that feature downtrodden gay minorities oppressed by Republicans as they can find. The Birth of a Nation will win best picture; Nate Parker’s acceptance speech has already been written in the mind of Rachel Maddow. Springsteen, Bon Jovi, Katy Perry, a couple of Baldwins, Colin Kaepernick, the cast of Saturday Night Live, Stephen Colbert—all of them will interrupt their entertainments to ramble on about injustice, bigotry, Michelle Obama’s path back to the White House (oh, what dignity she brought!), the Death of Planet Earth, and the End of Days.

The neocons have already recovered from their Hillary hangover and are plying their useful GOP idiots who have gained reelection. Bill Kristol’s NeverTrump texting buddy Adam Kinzinger (House Committee on Foreign Affairs, Subcommittee on the Middle East and North Africa) ran and won unopposed. “Blue Wave” National Review and The Weekly Standard will, after paying brief and sneering homage to Kevin Williamson’s working class heroes (those famously not-college-educated whites and rural boobs who forced Trump upon this once noble nation of immigrants), go back to criticizing Trump for refusing to foment war with Russia over Syria. The world needs Strong American Leadership!

We may not want to hear this now, but Trump and his Republican Congress will begin running for reelection tomorrow, if not today. Put it all together and we must ask this: Just how much do the Election Night victors care about the way they are portrayed on TV and social media? Will President Trump grow weary of it? If so, how will that affect his policies?

This is where America’s deplorables come in. We do not have time to sit on our hands in our basket and bask in the thrill of victory. We must begin right now to crystalize and articulate what we will demand of our newly elected Republican government—from the White House to the Congress—and be prepared to hold all of their feet to the fire.

Come January, it will be time for them to deliver.

A Supreme Court justice like Scalia? The end of Roe and judicial games with marriage, “gender,” and toilets? Abolishing the Department of Education? A patriotic, non-interventionist foreign policy? A border? Gun-owner rights? An attorney general who doesn’t persecute state and local law enforcement? Trade deals that benefit Americans?

The new GOP government will have no excuses. Well, except for one: “We’re tired of being called names.” They can argue all day long that they are not racists or sexists or bigots or homophobes or xenophobes or hermaphrophobes. The facts will not matter, same as it ever was. We deplorables must determine right now to refuse to believe lies, and further to refuse to allow the left to frame every political and moral question in terms of their religion of liberalism. And we must demand that President Trump and the bullet-proof Congress do what they were elected to do.

The other side is already at work. Their calls for magnanimity today barely mask their finger-wagging shame, shame on you for voting for that man, and their contempt for the unsophisticated flyover losers who refused to make history—or rather, made the wrong kind. Kristallnacht is already trending on Facebook. NeverTrumpers whose categories are framed by the media are preparing to say “I told you so”; the left will declare that these brave NeverTrump conservatives are taking the moral high ground, then turn on them like rabid dogs for not being Democrats. Paul Ryan has already demonstrated the method.

Remember the very recent past, and use your imagination. All of this is coming. Will we deplorables be prepared with a tough and confident conservative response?


[Image via Youtube/RT]