Taking the subway a few days ago, a subway ad grabbed my attention. Usually, the ads on the Big Bunelo/Big Burrito (formerly known as the Big Bagel) subway involve such gems as: “The Alliance for Gay, Lesbian, Queer, Confused, and Bi Asian Youth”, or “Addicted to Marijuana: Join This Confidential Study”. Well, there is a rare art exhibit advertisement, but usually, the highest cultural level the subway ads rise to is the announcement of a new David Baldacci novel.

The ad I noticed is from Manhattan Mini Storage – a company long known for its “edgy”, leftist advertisements. The ad proclaimed in big print letters: “The French Aristocracy Never Saw It Coming Either”. 

How cute. Something for a desperate Manhattan housewife to giggle over while sipping a macchiato while her overweight Yorkie snores in her four thousand dollar handbag. But behind that noxious ad are thousands of burned and pillaged estates, whole families murdered in unspeakably cruel ways, crucified priests, and the destruction of a great country by hordes of bloodthirsty “revolutionaries”. A tragedy from which France has never recovered.

Now, imagine if the same ad substituted “German Jews” or “Darfur Tribesmen” for “The French Aristocracy”. The uproar would be deafening. You see, the butchered French aristocrats did not make it to the liberals’ list of acceptable victims and neither did any other victims of the Left for that matter. One would not be surprised if in a decade or so, the butchered white farmers from the country formerly known as Rhodesia and South Africa are mocked like the murdered French nobles.