The national celebration of sodomy continues thanks to Sports Illustrated’new cover story featuring the first “major sport” athlete to come out of the closet while still an active player.  Jason Collins, a seven-foot-tall black man, writes his own “coming out” story in the current number of SI, along with several other pieces by writers who see this as a Jackie Robinson moment not to be missed.  Collins is the perfect icon for the “new normal” because he’s not only black but not particularly effeminate—that is, not recognizably “gay” according to the common stereotype.

Yesterday’s pop media was abuzz with the story (on the story), and left-wing sports jocks around the country screamed at callers that the very belief that homosexuality is a sin is bigotry.  The talk-radio scenario, repeated all day, got especially dicey when African-American men called in, self-identified as Christian, and denounced the coming-out celebration and its supposed connection to Jackie Robinson.

Naturally, daytime’s Peter Pan Ellen DeGeneres was thrilled at the news, applauding Collins for being a “very brave man.”  Then she said something particularly interesting: “Because of you, there’s a little boy playing basketball right now who knows he can be who he is and still play the sport he loves.”

What exactly is her point?  Collins, as mentioned, is not a flouncing fairy.  So he can’t be a “role model” for little boys who want to act like little girls while at the same time (incongruously) dreaming of playing pro-basketball.  I’m not sure what age range qualifies in Miss DeGeneres’s reckoning as “little boy,” but it isn’t unreasonable to hope that a “little boy” would not be thinking about the mechanics of gay sex or even some more vague sense of being attracted to other little boys, considering that normal “little boys” are not sexually attracted to little girls.

But getting children to think about gay sex is exactly the result of this propaganda push, and those children will “be what they are” (boys and girls) unless preyed upon by these degenerates who crave acceptance and affirmation at all costs.