The run-up to the Presidential sweepstakes for 2016 is not very exciting so far. There are so many Republican wannabes that it is hard to keep track of them all. Let’s face it, Bushes and Clintons are old hat, boring. They are used goods. We need new products to liven up the market. I have the perfect solution. Why has nobody thought of this before? The ideal candidate is Michelle Obama. She has name recognition out the kazoo. We know she is brilliant. After all, she was making a quarter million as an attorney before she gave it up to be the First Lady. She has unsurpassed familiarity with the job of President.

What would be really great is for the Republicans to nominate her. After all, they have supported all of her husband’s major policies. People are getting tired of partisanship. They want politicians to get along and concentrate on doing  good for the country. The Republican party would once and for all get rid of the impression that it is a white  party and anti-women, leading the country a great step forward. They could nominate Michelle by acclamation at the convention. (Of course, purging any delegates who might object, as they always do.) Then, to make sure all bases are covered, they should nominate Rubio for Vice-President and invite the Democrats to join with them in an Obama-Rubio ticket. We would not even have to have an election. All elections ever do is give bad people a chance to spout off their hate speech, anyway.