[A Continuation of the interview between Srdja and Elena]

ST: One worrying aspect is that Russia has allowed almost uncontrollable immigration from former Soviet Central Asia and this may, in view, of the low birth rates of the Orthodox Russians, change the demographic picture of the country in only a few decades.

EC: I always stand on the most hardline positions regarding our government’s immigration policy. In my opinion, a replacement of the native population is going on.  I wrote an article about this called “Population: A Replacement”. Government officials are called to serve the people and if the people are nationalistic and conservative, then the officials must be nationalistic and conservative, not try to elect a different people.  What I see now, is that the ones in power want to have a people that suits them: liberal, tolerant, multicultural, multireligious, multiracial. The power-holders put themselves first and see the people as secondary and alterable.

ST: In the West, the leading elites—political, academic, media elites—are treating the people as manipulative goo that should be shaped and manipulated. Ideologically desirable outcomes are desired first and the democratic process is manipulated to make sure that that outcome is reached.

EC: Russia has its own special circumstances. In Russia, all the political and societal processes take place quicker than in Western Europe. Also, because of the rapid collapse of the Soviet Union and the rise in criminality, many of the lobbyists for ethnic-based organized crime groups have influence at all levels of the Russian government. For example, there’s [the vociferously pro-Islamist journalist] Maksim Shevchenko, one of the most popular public figures in Russia, who is a crypto-Muslim and under the guise of an Orthodox Christian – this is already proven, I vouch completely for my words, there’s video footage of his participation in Muslim rituals – lobbies the interests of Wahhabis, not just Muslims, but Wahhabis. Shevchenko was associated with [Chechen terrorists] Khattab and Basayev. 

I also wrote and spoke many times about [the Islamist-Eurasianist publicist and activist] Geydar Dzhemal (Heydar Jamal) from Moscow, an Islamist activist and the head of the so-called “Islamic Center”. Dzhemal is associated with Khattab and [another Chechen terrorist] Dokku Umarov. Why is he not being investigated and questioned by the authorities, but is being invited to appear on all TV channels?  Strange, to say the least. The criminal Islamist lobby is being joined at the hip with government-run business and all the major media figures are part of this dirty game.

ST: What do you think about those self-avowedly Russian patriots who believe in some form of historical compromise between Russian Orthodoxy and Islam, such as Aleksandr Dugin?

EC: Dugin is my personal enemy, Dugin and Dzhemal! Dugin is a colossal provocateur. During his youth, he, together with Dzhemal, belonged to an occult club called “The Black Order of the SS”. For all of his adult life, Dugin was associated with Dzhemal and is a national-socialist. As we all know, Hitler loved Islam very much and oftentimes used it against Christian peoples.

The irony is that Dugin is being presented as a Russian Orthodox thinker while he dedicated his whole life to Hitlerite mysticism and lobbies the interests of Islam. The ideology of Dugin is made up of communist ideology, national-socialist ideology, an insane mix adopted by an insane person. In addition, there is Islam. The “Black Order of the SS” exists now under the name of the “Florian Geyer Club”, founded by Geydar Dzhemal. There, the hymn of the Florian Geyer Waffen SS Division is sung. It is absolutely insane that Dugin is allowed to be on TV screens as a “Russian Orthodox philosopher”. There is no Russian Orthodox priest that will attest to Dugin being Russian Orthodox.

ST: Why then is Dugin still taken seriously by a significant segment of the Russian national intelligentsia?

EC: First, we have very tough TV censorship. Second, Dugin is erudite enough and his insane “logic” can be quite convincing, especially using the media at his disposal. And of course, there’s the fact that the intelligentsia is not Russian Orthodox enough.