Just a few days ago, I heard some attorneys lamenting that we in this country, don’t have a three day weekend every week, “like they do in France”.  I smirked into my Kindle, not wanting to cause a tropical downpour on the poor devils’ parade.  France doesn’t have three day weekends every week, and while the French don’t live to work, like most modern Americans, they certainly don’t enjoy the idyllic, work- and worry-free existence most American liberals think they do.

The myth is symptomatic of the disordered and downright schizophrenic American liberal view of (western) Europe.  On the one hand, the denizens of Manhattan’s Upper East Side and LA’s Beverly Hills profess their undying love for European cuisine, brag about visiting Paris and Rome, and try to insert phrases such as “beaucoup” and “ciao” into every day conversation.  On the other hand, they lack any understanding of European history beyond such Hollywood movie/pop fiction topics as World War II and perhaps, the French Revolution.

I bet most American college graduates wouldn’t be able to cogently explain who Joan of Arc was and what war she participated in.  Besides their ignorance of western European history, they react with shrieking, pale-faced outrage at any suggestion that European culture is both superior and worth preserving.  As if the architecture, cuisine, and language that they so admire will survive an onslaught of Arabs and Africans for which these same liberals are clamoring.  The fools want to eat their baguette and have it too.