The Madness of King Joe

Mad King Joe may not sport a powdered wig or wear high silk stockings, but his reign has come to resemble that of a pre-revolutionary European monarch. Out of touch, capricious, and cruel, like his royal predecessors, Mad King Joe rules from within his protective bubble. In his madness, he rails against the authoritarian tendencies he, himself, exhibits and projects his sins onto his political opponents. Let us count the ways in which Mad King Joe has come to resemble tragic monarchs of the past.

1. Mad King Joe wants to run for re-election unopposed.

Before the Justice Department launched a multi-front lawfare campaign against Mad King Joe’s chief political rival, he announced to Americans in a press conference exactly what he planned to do. In November of 2022, Mad King Joe told listeners, “We just have to demonstrate that he will not take power if he does run, making sure he—under legitimate efforts of our Constitution—does not become the next president again.” Prior to that, in April of 2022, the New York Times reported that, “As recently as late last year, Mr. Biden confided to his inner circle that he believed former President Donald J. Trump was a threat to democracy and should be prosecuted.

While Merrick Garland has denied any White House influence on Trump’s many ongoing prosecutions, we’ve since learned that the White House has met with chief Trump persecutor Jack Smith and the Georgia team running the state’s lawfare project against Trump. Further, Biden has spoken approvingly of efforts to use a hair-brained interpretation of the 14th Amendment to exclude Trump from the 2024 presidential election ballot. This past December, while talking to reporters on the tarmac, Biden said, “Whether the 14th Amendment applies or not, we’ll let the court make that decision … But he certainly supported an insurrection. There’s no question about it. None. Zero. And he seems to be doubling down on it.”

In addition, Mad King Joe has used his allies and lawyers in the Democratic establishment to run effectively unopposed in the Democratic primary. Robert F. Kennedy, has pointed out that the DNC “refused to host debates, though a vast majority of Democratic voters want and expect them,” and it has, moreover, rigged the super delegate count so that Biden can wins the primary process unless the challenger wins, “more than 70% of the regular [voter-selected] delegates.”

Biden’s other primary challenger, Dean Phillips, complained, “How can Democrats say we’re fighting for democracy, we’re fighting to make voting easier, and then yet removing [sic] me from the ballot in Florida and North Carolina? How can you say you are for free speech and protecting freedom and democracy and not even consent to doing one debate? How can you say this?”

Mad King Joe loves democracy, as long as he is the only one on the ballot.

2. Mad King Joe wants the peasants disarmed.

Until recently, gun control advocates scoffed at the idea that guns might be needed to counter a tyrannical government. Now, especially after the COVID edicts, neither the left nor the right can consider tyranny a far-fetched prospect in America. Rather than reassuring citizens that the government will not trample their civil liberties, Mad King Joe, instead promises to crush anyone who thinks a few rifles in his closet might help them to guarantee his family’s liberty. “If you wanted or if you think you need to have weapons to take on the government, you need F-15s and maybe some nuclear weapons.” Mad King Joe wants the peasants to hand in their “assault weapons,” including the approximately 20 million AR-15 style rifles, the most popular rifle kept by Americans. 

3. Mad King Joe wants the peasants silenced.

Elon Musk’s release of internal Twitter documents (from before he owned the company he has rebranded X) revealed an extensive multi-agency censorship project coordinated by the federal government. With the full support of the Biden campaign, federal agencies during the 2020 election encouraged censorship of stories that harmed Democratic political fortunes. To stop this totally undemocratic and unconstitutional interference, two state’s attorneys general sued the Biden administration. Biden’s Justice Department then fought a successful legal campaign to continue the government/social media censorship collaboration through to the 2024 campaign. We’ve since learned that the Biden administration used taxpayer money to pay cut-outs meant to disguise its continued political censorship operations, masking the government’s role.

Mad King Joe’s control over legacy media has become increasingly overt. White House officials recently passed on instructions to legacy outlets, which have largely been followed, regarding their coverage of Republican efforts to impeach Mad King Joe. Media have since repeated the White House’s preposterous claim that the impeachment inquiry had, “no supporting evidence,” here, here, here, and here-exactly as instructed.

4. Mad King Joe uses police and prisons to intimidate political opponents.

According to Mad King Joe, his Justice Department has rounded up some 1200 January 6 protestors. He has bragged, “Collectively to date, they have been sentenced to more than 840 years in prison.” It’s an astonishing overreaction to a two-hour disturbance which disbanded with no arrests. Mad King Joe menacingly warns that he considers the entire Make America Great Again movement to be composed of semi-fascists and extremists. His Justice Department used banks to sift through private transactions of anyone suspected of being a Trump supporter or a MAGA adherent.

5. Inflation? Immigration? Mad King Joe is out of touch with popular sentiment on these questions.

In cities across America, new immigrants and their children panhandle on corners, parking lots, and sidewalks—sometimes just yards apart from one another. The immigration problem is devastating poor neighborhoods and hollowing out the social safety nets intended for use by American citizens who have fallen on hard times. Yet the Biden administration absurdly claims “the border is secure,” or that if there is a problem it’s because the Republicans are bad. Biden refuses to admit what is plain to see for everyone paying attention: that he’s actively encouraging mass illegal immigration against the wishes of a majority of all Americans. Like an aloof monarch, Mad King Biden doesn’t bother to explain his real reasons for promoting the mass lawlessness.

Similarly, Biden blamed inflation on “supply chain” problems, suggesting that once the trucks and shipping recovered from COVID disruptions, prices would return to pre-pandemic levels. Instead, these “temporary” price spikes resulting from “supply chain disruptions,” are here to stay. Does excessive government spending cause inflation? No, claims Biden preposterously, that’s a Republican talking-point and myth.

Instead of explaining his immigration policy or addressing the true causes of inflation through reasonable budget discipline, Mad King Joe’s campaign focuses its exclusive energy on venting his sincere hatred of any democratic challenge to his authority which he calls, “a threat to democracy.”

6. Mad King Joe spends the public’s money like it’s 1789.

Since Mad King Joe ascended to power, government debt has exploded. Somehow, without passing a budget, the Biden administration borrowed $5 trillion to spend on his priorities. For a frame of reference, the federal government collected just $2.345 trillion in income tax in all of 2023 and did not even measure up to that $5 trillion in total revenue collected. Yet Mad King Joe’s spending is accelerating. In the three-month quarter ending in December 2023, Biden borrowed another $510 billion, a pace that will put us at  another $2 trillion dollars of additional debt by the end of 2024. Debt now exceeds 120 percent of GDP. Paying the interest on this debt will soon exceed our entire military budget. What do taxpayers have to show for Mad King Joe’s spending spree? It’s clear that the wannabe monarch hasn’t given much thought to who will suffer most from this massive debt.

While historians in an age of greater intellectual honesty would have associated these actions with authoritarian regimes, we are expected to believe it’s different this time because Mad King Joe is somehow protecting “Our Democracy™” and freedom. Now shut up and mark “yes” next to the only name you’ll be permitted to see on the ballot.

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