Every Christmas, we are instructed that there is no War on Christmas.  But the hostility to Christianity and Western culture that motivates the War on Christmas is in fact widespread.  The latest reminder came in an online piece this week in La Stampa, describing how the education minister in the Spanish province of Asturias had ordered schools there to replace references to Christmas and Holy Week with references to “winter holidays” and “end of second term holidays.”  The rationale given for this nonsense was the need to “not to hurt peoples’ sensitivities,” driving home the point that those of us who enjoy the public celebration of Christian holidays simply don’t have “sensitivities” worth considering.   The article also noted similar efforts in Belgium, where All Saints Day has become “autumn leave” and the Carnival preceding Lent is now “relaxation leave.”  According to the article, the Belgian bureaucrats justified this attempt to sever Belgian culture from its roots by citing the need not to offend non-Christian immigrants.  The offense given to Christians or those who simply like tradition is, once again, simply not worth considering.  Indeed, anyone who objects to the concerted effort to remove all references to Christianity from the cultures of countries that were formed by Christianity now risks being labeled a “racist” or a “xenophobe” or the like.