After the election, Al Cardnenas, head of the American Conservative Union, complained that the Republican Party was “too old and too white and too male.”  One wonders what Mr. Cardnenas would say about the Continental Congress or the Constitutional Convention.  Of course, if Mr. Cardenas is upset at the thought of living in a country founded by old white males, there are plenty of other places untainted by white men for him to choose from.  Maybe Burkina Faso would be more to his liking.

Something of the same spirit animated John Boehner’s comment yesterday supporting “comprehensive immigration reform,” otherwise known as amnesty.  Boehner’s comment should be seen as the first significant result of Obama’s victory.  House Republicans have been stalwart against amnesty, defying both George W. Bush and Barack Obama, but panic is starting to set in about the fact that the GOP is “too old and too white and too male.”  This panic would not exist if Romney had won.  Of course, the notion that giving amnesty to illegal immigrants will help the GOP politically is nonsense.  As Heather MacDonald patiently explained in an excellent post at National Review, Hispanics support the Democrats because they support big government, and this will continue whether Republicans foolishly follow the likes of Cardenas and Boehner or not. 

As Boehner’s remark brings home, winning is better than losing, especially losing to a leftist presdident who ran unabashedly as a leftist for reelection.   Despite what some have been saying for months, Romney’s defeat was not a good thing.   Unfortunately, this point will be brought home repeatedly over the course of the next four years.