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The EU has condemned the violence in Ukraine, putting the blame on the government.

“A dialogue is needed in the parliament and especially between the government and the opposition, who are present in the parliament,” Member of the European Parliament Libor Roucek told RT.

However, Chronicles foreign-affairs editor Srdja Trifkovic described the Ukrainian opposition as being out of control.

“Now we are dealing with significant group of highly committed people are hell-bent on regime change through street thuggery,” he told RT. “What we are dealing with is a clear attempt to undermine the constitutional order of a major European state, and it is truly shocking for a European parliamentarian to say that they are still supportive of a process that wants to use street thuggery and mob rule as the means of regime change.”

A personal note from Dr. Trifkovic:

Full disclosure: Alitalia was over an hour late departing Rome for Belgrade. Upon arrival at 17:00 I had to clear customs, pick up my car, and make it to the RT studio downtown in 45 minutes flat. No time to shower, shave, and change clothes as originally intended—hence the roguish appearance . . . not to mention the adrenaline from driving like a Puerto Rican on steroids through rush hour traffic. Perhaps that’s what’s needed to deal with those smug purveyors of falsehoods, fully paid for by the Brussels monstrosity.

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