This Friday, September 7, 2012, we’ll begin the show with some economic and business questions.  Both parties say they are courting the “middle class,” but what does that mean?  I know rich doctors making $1 million a year who say they are middle class, as does everyone who has dug a ditch for the government some time in the past 10 years.  In Pennsylvania, they are claiming that a lot of middle class people go to bed hungry at night.  In a sane country, this would be laughable.  In America, it’s headline news.

Then there’s Ben Bernanke’s recent oracular statements, Ron Paul’s faith in gold that is increasingly shared by the GOP, and the conspiracy theories about petrodollars.  Joining us for the first hour will be Mark Brennan, business and economics columnist for Chronicles and former Wall Street equity analyst/portfolio manager.

In the second hour, we shall probably talk about what’s up with those crazy Democrats and their hate-hate relationship with the being they don’t want to call God.

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