On June second, Dr. Trifkovic gave an interview to Serbia’s most popular morning news program, Pink TV’s Novo jutro (The New Morning) on the ongoing disorder in American cities. We bring you a slightly abbreviated transcript of his remarks in English. The first question concerned the causes and background of these extraordinary events.

Videohttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hTniTDXM4kE  [Transcript starts at 1 min. 50 sec.]


ST:  First of all, we need to differentiate between three categories of participants in these goings-on: they are the actual protesters, the looting mob, and a cadre of politically motivated organizers. Many protesters, who are demonstrating during the day, use abusive language and throw all sorts of obscenities at the police. They have an aggressive demeanor, but, for the most part, they do not break the law. 

When the night falls, however, there is a change of setting. Throngs of mostly white activists appear on the scene, belonging to the Antifa and similar groups. They call themselves “antifascists,” but they are actually fascists themselves, in the sense that whoever disagrees with their politics may be the target of their unrestrained violence. They have a very well-organized network, using encrypted phones. Once their messages are decoded, it becomes obvious that they systematically plan and coordinate the time and location of riotous assemblies. 

Then the black lumpenproletariat comes along, the mob interested only in the loot. Until a few days ago I was in Scottsdale, the second largest city in Arizona immediately to the east of Phoenix, where an upscale mall, the Scottsdale Fashion Center, was attacked by hundreds of rioters on Saturday evening. They were spraying BLM slogans for appearance’s sake, then breaking into stores and grabbing what they could. Some came in moving vans, to load all sorts of stolen goods. But Arizona’s Republican governor, Ducey, said he would not tolerate further mayhem. He duly announced an 8 p.m. curfew, declared a state of emergency, and placed the National Guard on standby to assist law enforcement. 

By contrast, elected officials who are Democrats, such as New York’s Governor Andrew Cuomo, adopt an apologetic and understanding posture, even for outright destructive and criminal behavior. They call for calm, while at the same time expressing support for everyone’s supposed grievances. And then the whole package is treated by the media in the usual manner: it is all Trump’s fault! Of course, as far as they are concerned, Trump is guilty of literally everything, and has been ever since his inauguration—or even earlier.

As for the political consequences, let us recall that back in 1968 the left created mayhem during the Democrats’ convention in Chicago, and there were riots in many other cities. That greatly helped the election of Richard Nixon, the Republican candidate who defeated Hubert Humphrey a few months later, in November. Likewise, these events may boomerang for those who hope they will bring down Trump. 

There is no doubt they will contribute to the consolidation of Trump’s base. Most polls suggest that his positive rating is around 45 percent, negative just over 50 percent, with the rest undecided, but we know from Hillary Clinton’s campaign just how unreliable such figures can be. On the day of the election, Trump’s vote will be rock solid. On the other hand, many of these looters and rioters will be too hung over or stoned to bother.

[Continued at 10 min. 45 sec.]

Q:  How is this whole situation going to be reflected around the world?

ST:  We already see an attempt by the Chinese to use it in an attempt to limit the damage to their own reputation, stemming from the claims that they had been secretive or outright mendacious about the COVID-19 epidemic. 

But before we go on, I would like to place this whole episode in context, especially with regards to the problem faced by many American policemen. As for the specific incident in Minnesota, it seems clear that a bad mistake was made which is worthy of censure. However, the context is provided with some implacable statistics. The left keeps repeating that there are disproportionate numbers of blacks in prison. But a black male is six times more likely to commit murder than a white male, eight times more likely to be a robber, and many times more likely to rape a woman. These are not assertions based on prejudice but empirical facts.

In addition, the media are concealing the magnitude of black-on-white violence, and I am talking about ordinary people here… Also, we keep hearing about the problem of alleged institutional racism, but we need to look at the culture within the community. Its value system has collapsed. If you listen to the lyrics of rap and hip-hop, you will clearly see that violence is glorified, crime and drugs are integral to the lifestyle, as well as the treatment of women as sexual objects. 

Three-quarters of black children are born out of wedlock. At the moment there are over four million single black mothers, most of whom live on welfare. The absence of the father as a source of authority and a positive role model for children in the black family is a tragedy. That, however, is a direct consequence of their existential dependence on welfare programs.

Speaking of “victim status,” up to a half-million Vietnamese boat people came to the United States after the fall of Saigon to the communists. They arrived destitute, and most of them could not even speak English. Today there are fewer than 0.1 percent of them in prison or jail. Very few are on welfare. This is the result of their family cohesion, of their value system, and the acceptance of delayed gratification.


[Above: spoof meme of an ad for the Minnesota Tourism Bureau by an anonymous source]