Last week, Fr. Francois Mourad, a Syrian Catholic priest, was brutally murdered by Islamist rebels in Syria.  There is some uncertainty as to whether Fr. Mourad was beheaded or shot, although it seems more likely that he was shot.  What there is no doubt about is that his killers are part of the armed rebellion trying to topple the Assad regime in Syria, a rebellion that Barack Obama has decided to arm, just as he supported the Islamist rebellion in Libya.  Fr. Mourad’s murder is not an outlying event, but entirely representative of the treatment the Christians are receiving from the rebels in Syria, which is why tens of thousands of Syrian Christians have fled the country.  The mainstream media is largely ignoring Fr. Mourad’s death, just as it largely ignores any news story that might reflect poorly on the Obama Administration, as the murder and mayhem committed by the rebels in Syria surely does.